#OnHerRoyalSpyness Instagram Spoiler Free Review


Thank you so much @berkleypub for sending me On Her Majesty’s Frightfully Secret Service, the newest installment in the Her Royal Spyness mystery series, by Rhys Bowen as well as the first book. #prhpartner #herroyalspyness 🌸
Set in the 1930s, Lady Georgina Rannoch is 35th in line to inheret the British crown. In the novels Georgie finds herself uncovering mysteries, solving crimes and doing favors for the Queen. This may be the 11th book in the series but I didn’t feel lost after having read the first book, Her Royal Spyness. However, I do find myself wanting to go back and read all the books in between just to be able to go on more adventures with Georgie.


On Her Royal Spyness 3.5/5 Stars



On Her Majesty’s Frightfully Secret Service 4/5 Stars


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