Fierce Fan Girl Friday

I decided I needed to embrace Fierce Fan girl friday created by Too Much Of A Book Nerd to geek out over my most recent book obsession { which if you follow me on bookstagram you won’t be surpised} the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.


I haven’t loved a paranormal series like this since True Blood and the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series . To me both those series started off strong and then became ‘meh’ and I only continued reading out of some sort of obligation. I mean I wasn’t going to just give up on them and I held out hope for a great turn around.

The Mercy Thompson series however just got better with each story. Yeah some of the books were better than others but not once did I say to myself “move the story along please” and not once was I bored.


A coyote shifting mechanic, werewolves, fey, vampires and witches make up this fantasy world. It doesn’t come off as cheesy becuase it’s so well written and thought out. The relationships between the characters feel real and not forced. The characters kick ass and take there fair share of beatings as often as they dish it out. Once again making the stories more realistic. Stories where the main characters are invincible get old real quick. Also, I am not one to get emotional with books but as a reader I became Mercy and felt her struggles and hardship tug on my heart strings and I will even admit one or two books got me misty eyed.

Overall, this series has everything I want in a paranormal series and more so I suggest you go read it


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