A Peek Inside My Kindle Library 📚

My lovely bookfriend Theresa, @books.coffee.read over on bookstagram asked me if I wanted to do a e-book recomendation live feed or story. At first I was totally overwhelmed becuase I have legit over 700 books in my kindle library and probably 500 of those are unread.

giphy (7)

I sat down and decided to tackle all those books. I made two folders: My Favorite Authors & Anticipated TBR. As I scrolled throught the hundreds of books I actually started to get excited! I mean I have books on there that I didn’t even know about !!

giphy (8).gif

I only buy one type of e-book and that’s romance. You might find a random fiction or mystery but that’s only becuase they are Kindle 1st books , which in the past year I have not actually read one of the books I picked lol  Therefore if you are not into romance of any kind then this blog post isn’t going to help you much.

I love Romance, it is literally one of my favorite genres. Let me list for you the romance sub categories I enjoy 😄
🔹 Cowboys / Farmers
🔹 Comedy
🔹 Mystery
🔹 Fantasy
🔹 Sports
🔹M/ M

giphy (9).gif

Sub categories I do not like
🔹Rockstar / Celebrites
[I have very few that I enjoy]

This is probably why I have an e-book library of over 700 , that is 95% romance 💕

Now that I have explained my taste , here is a peek at my Kindle library :



My Favorite Authors
I buy these ladies usually on release day and sometimes preorder. If I love an e-book I will then proceed to buy it in paperback.

Bella Aurora
Sarina Bowen
Cora Carmack
Tillie Cole
Kennedy Fox
Catherine Gayle
Karina Halle
Melissa Collins
Emma Hart
Helena Hunting
Ilsa Madden Mills
Sophie Jordan
Addison Moore
Jordan Marie
Penny Reid
Harper Sloan
Tara Sivec
Rachel Van Dyken



These books I was so excited for when they came out but life got in the way and I haven’t had a chance to read them yet. It’s hard for me to read e-books during the day becuase my kids see my tablet and always hijack it , so I usually only read them at night.

So thats a look into my kindle! I have linked all my favorite authors to thier Amazon author pages if you want to check them out 😊I hope you fall in love with some of my favorites . Let me know in the comments if you have read any of my TBR or enjoy some of my favorite authors😄

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