Heart of the Fae (The Otherworld #1) by Emma Hamm Book Review


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“Beauty and the Beast meets Irish Mythology in this sweeping retelling of the beloved fairytale….

Once upon a time…

A plague sweeps across the emerald hills of Uí Néill, leaving a young midwife’s father with months to live. To save her people, Sorcha makes a deal with a dangerous Fae. She must travel across the sea, through merrow and kelpie lands, to find a forgotten king on a crumbling throne.

Born king of the Seelie Fae, Eamonn fought battles unnumbered to uphold honor, duty, and freedom… until his twin brother sank a blade between his shoulders. Crystals grew from the wound, splitting open skin and bone. His people banished him to a cursed isle for his disfigurement, now king of criminals and fools.

With the help of brownies, pixies, and will-o’-the-wisps, Sorcha battles to break through his crystalline shell and persuade him to take back his stolen throne.

This determined beauty could come dangerously close to stealing his beastly heart”


Heart of The Fae by Emma Hamm is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast involving fae and magic. I have only read a few Brauty and the Beast retellings but this might be one of my new favorites! I compeletly lost myself in this story and can’t wait to read the second book. I need Sorcha and Eammon to have thier happily ever after.

Sorcha is strong and independant. She is fierce, knowledgable and way ahead of her times. Her main goal in life is to love her family and care for those who need her. She is a midwife & healer who believes in and pays thanks to the old world and fae.

Eammon is a fae torturted by his past and grim future. He was once a strong warrior in the Seelie world until he was betrayed by his brother and cast out by his family. From his wounds grows crystals taking away from the beauty he once was and turning him into a monster.

“There was something hauntingly beautiful about this place. The emerald hills glimmered with dew in the silver moonlight. Fireflies danced above the wheat fields looking like magic kissing the land. And its king, the disfigured monster of a man, outlined as a shadow striding across his domain.”

The story is full of so many fabulous characters, that you can’t help but care for. Oona with her upbeat and motherly disposition and Bran with his sarcasim. Even grouchy Cian and the spastic boggart. Emma Hamm does a wonderful job of describing a beautiful and capitivating world that you can picture in your mind.

I highly recommend this book to fellow fans of retellings and the world of fae. I enjoyed every second of this story and I hope you do to 😄

 “I fear that you would ask me to lay the world at your feet.” He glanced over his shoulder, blue eyes searing through her calm resolve. “And it would be all too easy to do.”



fade5star4/5 Stars

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