The Soldier’s Assassin by Dominique Hughes Book Review


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“Graydon King has been a soldier all of his life, content with living in a world filled with classified documents and bloodshed. When an accident during a routine mission almost ends his life and shifts his future off course, he finds comfort in a quiet-mannered therapist. It’s with her help that he begins to accept and grow into his new life. However, a night of surprising passion ends in a shock that he never saw coming. If a life spent in the shadows taught him anything, it’s that things are not always what they appear, and this time he isn’t the only one hiding secrets.”


The Soldier’s Assassin tells the story of a honorable discharged soldier named Graydon King. If the choice was up to him he would have stayed in the army doing what he does best however he’s forced to adjust to life as a civilian. It hurt my heart that he had accepted that he would never find love in the world or someone to accept him as is.

When he finally has settled into his new routine, his whole world is thrown up side down by a woman who can either make or break him. The line between truth and lies becomes blurred and Graydon doesn’t know who to trust anymore. No matter what happens though he knows what his body and heart want. But can they overcome their pasts and the only way of living they know to take a chance on the possiblity of real happiness?


Dominique Hughes’ debut novel The Soldier’s Assassin was an overall great read. I enjoyed her writting style and the way she described the romantic scenes between the main characters. [ I especially appreciated a certain shower scene that was very steamy 🔥] I recommend it for fans of soldier romance novels and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future books written by Dominique Hughes !


4/5 Stars


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