April Wrap Up

Hello fellow book addicts 😄 I hope everyone had a good reading month. I had a little reading slump at the end of the month but I still managed to read 15 book plus 5 novellas and 3 rereads. Of course I had to reread the A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy before the new book A Court of Frost and Starlight releases !!! I am currently reading the third book is the Grisha Trilogy, Ruin & Rising, by Leigh Bardugo but besides that I am not sure yet what my game plan for May will be but I will keep you updated. Now I’m going to take a nap becuase I have a chest cold and just want to snuggle up 💕

Wrap Up

Bride of the Sea _ Emma Hamm 4.5 /5 🌟 [review]
Brandons Bride_ Maggie Scott 3.5/5🌟
Seeing Red _ Sandra Brown 4/5🌟
Silent on the Moor_ Deanna Raybourn 4/5🌟
Shadow & Bone _ Leigh Bardugo 4/5🌟
Midsummers Night (novella) _ Deanna Raybourn 4/5🌟
The Life She Was Given _ Ellen Marie Wiseman 5/5🌟[review]
ACOTAR _ Sarah J Maas (reread) 4/5🌟
Dark Road to Darjeeling_ Deanna Raybourn 5/5🌟
Needing Him_ Kennedy Fox 5/5🌟 [review]
Seige & Storm _ Leigh Bardugo 4/5🌟
ACOMAF _ Sarah J Maas (reread) 5/5🌟
Shaking Up _ Helena Hunting 4/5🌟
Getting Down (novella) _ Helena Hunting 4/5🌟
Hooking Up _ Helena Hunting 4/5🌟
I Flipping Love You _ Helena Hunting 4/5🌟[review]
Dead Girl Running _ Christina Dodd 4/5🌟 [review]
As I Am _ Melissa Collins 4.5/5🌟 [review]
The Dark Enquiry _ Deanna Raybourn 4/5🌟
Silent Night (novella)_ Deanna Raybourn 4/5🌟
Twelfth Night (novella) _Deanna Raybourn 4/5🌟
Bonfire Nigth (novella) _ Deanna Raybourn 4/5🌟
ACOWAR _ Sarah J Maas (reread) 5/5🌟


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