Unconscious Hearts (Hearts of Vegas #1) by Harper Sloan _ Book Review


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Ari Daniels didn’t count on her whole world tumbling down around her in a mess of shredded promises, broken love, and unbelievable heartbreak. Alone and stricken with grief, she shouldered the blame and eventually closed her heart off, refusing to open it for another. After all, anytime she tried, guilt and regret were waiting in the wings to remind her how painful it was.

A bet and one steamy night with a stranger force Ari to confront all she’s been hiding behind. She tries to move on, but he refuses to stand down, wanting what she is terrified to give—herself. This man may very well destroy her in the end, especially when it’s clear he has his own demons.

What happens when two broken souls come together, finally allowing themselves to believe in the beauty of love … only to have to fight harder than ever to keep it.


[I recieced a digital copy from @inkstagramtours for an honest review]

I love alpha males and Harper Sloan writes some of my all time favorite and Thorn Evans has joined that list!

Ari Daniels is such a great character. She has had a mind f**k of a past that cant seem to let her go. Thorn Evans is the first man to get a reaction from her body since her life was shattered in pieces. After meeting Thorn and faced with a future she desperately wants she works to overcome her demons.

The rush of power I feel for getting that kind of reaction from him makes it clear this is way too real to be a game anymore. All that I can do now is hold on and hope he feels the same way.”

Thorn Evans is a man who thinks he deserves very little when it comes to the opposite sex. He offers woman a good time between the sheets but nothing more because he sees himself as tainted. When Ari sees so much more in him and wants him for all the good and bad, Thorn has a hard time accepting it and seeing himself through her eyes.

With the taste of her skin still on my tongue, teasing me, I promise myself that she will be mine. Even if I lose, I’m winning Ari Daniels. No matter the cost.”

Ari and Thorn both have some major personal baggage to work through but together its worth it. The connection between them is instant and was more than just physical (even though hot damn the sex is explosive). Together they heal each others hearts and bring them back to life.

“I feel his heart pounding louder and louder , calling out for the heart that was made just for it. The answering thumps grabbing on and answering each one of those beats with one of its own. Beating for each other. The two unconscious hearts that woke up to their everything.”

One of my favorite parts of the book is how Thorn demands Ari give him a hello kiss every time the see eachother! Sigh that man in completely swoon worthy 😍 Since I want to get keep this spoiler free I sadly have to leave out one of my other favorite parts 😦 but you’ll just have to go read it to find out lol Now you are probably wondering why I gave it 4.5 instead of 5 stars and that because of one small detail. There were chapters from the “villian’s” point of view that were a tad confusing. Even after finishing I am not sure exactly whose POV it was supposed to be because I could make arguments that they were for two different people. Either way it’s the only part of the story that I didn’t enjoy.

Harper Sloan has delivered a steamy, emotional and intense love story that was a fantastic first book in a series. I am highly looking forward to the books that will follow because she created an amazing cast of characters that I already care about.

 “When my heart slows enough that I won’t die of a heart attack right here in heaven, I look back up at him. “You’re breaking my brain, Thorn. Please step back so I can think clearly without my body trying to die on me.”


 “Next time , Ari,” I murmur low and deep, need in my tone that can’t be disguised. When her hazel eyes are on me again, I continue. “Next time, I don’t care if I haven’t seen you for an hour, you kiss me.”


 4.5/5 Stars


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