June Wrap Up

Hello lovely people. I managed to read 21 books this month. I know !! Crazy right?? Fingers crossed I can keep up with the moment through July but it might be hard with my kids on school summer vacation.  Hands down my favorite book this month was The Song of Achillies and I think it will end up being one of my top reads for thr whole year gah I loved that book so much. That is followed by my reread of Until Nico by Aurora Rose Reynolds becuase that is one of my favorite romances of all time. Come on it has an Alpha male, insta love, dogs, family and some of the best sex ever 😍

What was you favorite read of June⁉

June Wrap Up

Unconscious Hearts_ Harper Sloan [review] 4.5🌟
Lie in Wait _ Eric Rickstad 4🌟
Don’t Speak_ Katy Regnery 4🌟 [review]
Cheat Codes _ Emily Goodwin 4🌟 [review]
Sin _ Nana Malone + M.Malone 2.5🌟
Dirty Talking Cowboy_ Stacy Kennedy 3.5🌟 [review]
Mr. Mercedes_ Stephen King 3.5🌟
The Proposition _ A.M Salinger 4🌟
Anything for Love _ Melissa Foster 4🌟
Until Nico _ Aurora Rose Reynold (reread) 5🌟
The Song of Achillies _ Madeline Miller 5🌟 [review]
Bully _ Penelope Douglas (reread)4🌟
Rival _ Penelope Douglas 3.5🌟
Clara _ Suzanna J Linton 4.5🌟 [review]
Clara’s Return_ Suzanna J Linton 4🌟
Leah on the Off Beat _ Becky Albertalli 4🌟 [review]
The Secrets of Ella + Michah_ J. Sorenson (reread) 4🌟
The Forever of Ella + Michah_ J. Sorenson (reread)4🌟
The Temptation of Lilah + Ethan_J. Sorenson(reread)3.5🌟
The Ever After of Ella + Michah_J. Sorenson(reread)4🌟
Chasin Him_ Kennedy Fox 4🌟 [review]

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