July Wrap Up

Hey friends! I hope everyone is having a great summer β˜‰ I was a slighty over whelmed at the end of the month with all the ARC I needed to read but I managed to get most of them read. I have a hand full more to read in the beginning of August and then I can read books I have been dying to read since I got my hands on them lol I read a total of 24 books this month and you’ll be seeing reviews for alot of them in the upcoming weeks 😊


July Wrap Up

The Upside of Falling _ Meghan Quinn [review] 5🌟
The Downside of Love_ Meghan Quin 2 [review]🌟
Secret Burdens_ Suzanna J. Linton [review] 5🌟
The Names of Dead Girls_ Eric Rockstad 4🌟
Fables Vol. 18 -3🌟
Fables Vol.19 -4🌟
How to Keep a Secret_ Sarah Morgan [review] 5🌟
Life L1k3 _ Jay Kristoff 3.5🌟
Whiskey Girl_ Adriane Leigh [review] 4🌟
Somebodys Daughter_ David Bell [review] 3.5🌟
Four of a Kind_ Kate Kessler 3.5🌟
Running into love_ Aurora Rose Reynolds 4🌟
Stumbling into Love_ Aurora Rose Reynolds 4🌟
Tossed into Love_Aurora Rose Reynolds 4🌟
The Last Thing I Told You _ Emily Arsenault 3🌟
What Remains of Her_ Eric Rickstad [review] 5🌟
When Light Leads to You_ C.R.Ellis 4🌟
The Simple Wild_ K.A. Tucker [review ]5🌟
Too Bad So Sad_Lani Lynn Vale 3.5
One Hundred Promises_Kelly Collins 4🌟
Mixed Up Love_ Natasha Maddison  2.5🌟
It seemed like a good idea _ Kylie Scott 3.5🌟
Four Weddings and Maybe a Funeral_ Rhys Bowen 4🌟
End Game_ Emily Goodwin 4🌟


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