End Game by Emily Goodwin _ Book Review

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Getting pregnant was the last thing Quinn thought would happen. But now Quinn’s focus is to start the family Archer’s always wanted. The hard part should be over, right?


Ghosts from the past begin to surface. No matter how hard they try, the universe seems to have other plans that threaten to tear Archer and Quinn apart.

Archer will not let the one thing he always wanted slip through his fingers. As events unfold, Archer finds himself going to lengths he never thought possible. After all he’s done to keep Quinn…will he lose her anyway?

END GAME is book two in The Dawson Family Series and concludes Quinn and Archer epic love story

[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

 End Game is the anticipated sequel to Cheat Codes which ended on a cliffhanger that left the main characters well-being uncertain. Therefore, if you haven’t read the first book go read my review [Cheat Codes Review]  because the following review will spoil the first book for you.

End Game picks right up from where the first book ends. We learn that everything is going to be okay for Quinn health wise but the whole situation is nerve wrecking. The rest of the story is a steady read, there’s a few quick ‘Oh No’ moments but for the most part nothing too crazy. Quinn and Archer are dealing with all that is going to come with having a child. Quinn has to decide of she wants to keep working once the baby arrives or if she would be happy as a stay at home mom. Archer has to decide if he should put his career on hold, so he has more stable work hours or go for his pre-baby dreams.

 “We haven’t even said the L word yet.
We don’t live together.
And we’ve only been dating a few weeks.
 I love you, baby, but damn, these hormones are messing with my heart… and my head.”

Quinn is also dealing with an internal struggle over whether Archer loves her for real or if it’s all because it is what’s expected with a pregnancy. She doesn’t want him to feel obligated to her and is afraid of pushing her feelings onto him. Neither Archer nor Quinn wants the other to grow to resent them for any reason in the future.

This was a beautiful ending to Quinn and Archer’s story filled with lots of hormonal tears lol and lots of joy.




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