Misadventures with a Manny by Toni Aleo _ Book Review


Misadventures with a Manny by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Toni AleoRelease Date 9th OctoberGenre: Contemporary Romance 


Vera Woods is at her wit’s end.
Her husband has run off with the nanny, leaving Vera with a broken heart, three very angry sons, and even less time to juggle the demands of family and her career. After her boys scare away a sixth replacement nanny, Vera is out of time off from work and desperately out of options. Still nursing an aching heart, she turns to an unlikely source for help―a manny.
Lincoln Scott is no stranger to family chaos. But rather than grow jaded, he has thrown his natural talents into building his own business―providing live-in childcare for families as a manny. The money is great and the perks are a blast, but when his family of six years moves to Germany and their plans to bring him along fall through, Lincoln is suddenly unemployed and aware of how much of himself he’s given to other people’s families.
Brought together by circumstances, Lincoln and Vera’s mutually beneficial business arrangement becomes complicated by the undeniable chemistry they share. Vera needs a manny and Lincoln needs a job, but they both may have found the very thing neither one had realized they needed―a whole lot more.
Misadventures is a romantic series of spicy standalone novels, each written or co-written by some of the best names in romance. The stories are scandalous, refreshing, and, of course, incredibly sexy. They’re the perfect bedside read, a ‘quick blush’ for the reader who loves a page-turning romance.

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Meet The Author

My name is Toni Aleo, and I’m a #PredHead, #sherrio, #potterhead, and part of the #familybusiness!
I am also a wife to my amazing husband, mother of a gamer and a gymnast, and also a fur momma to Gaston el Papillion.
While my beautiful and amazing Shea Weber has been traded from my Predators, I’m still a huge fan. But when I’m not cheering for him, I’m hollering for the whole Nashville Predators since I’ll never give my heart to one player again.
When I’m not in the gym getting swole, I’m usually writing, trying to make my dreams a reality, or being a taxi for my kids.
I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, Supernatural, Disney, and anything that sparkles! I’m pretty sure I was Belle in a past life, and if I could be on any show, it would be Supernatural so I could hunt with Sam and Dean.
Also, I did mention I love hockey, right?

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[I received a digital ARC for an honest review]

OMG I loved Misadventures with a Manny so much!! I have actually never read anything by Tony Aleo before but now I want to go read ALL her books because I enjoyed this one so much!!

Let’s start with the kids, Charlie, Elliot and Louis, because they were the glue that held this story together. They were adorable and their struggles being in the middle of the divorce was heartbreaking. Vera, our leading lady, was a complicated woman. In her job and with those around her she is strong, take charge and get sh*t done type of woman. Yet when it came to her marriage with her scum bag ex-husband she let him walk all over her and cheat on her time and time again. I get that she wanted to stay with him for the children but for me that crap would have ended long before he got the nanny knocked up. Vera was curvy and beautiful even though she couldn’t see thank to her ex always verbally beating her down. This causes her to doubt that a man like Lincoln could ever be attracted to her.

Lincoln with his six-pack abs, trimmed beard, heart of gold, love of children and cooking abilities is every womans ideal man, at least it’s mine hehe When the family he has been mannying for moves overseas he is in need of a new job. At the same time Vera has been through 7 nannies for her boys and is desperate enough to hire a manny even though she would rather have a female taking care of the kids. When the two meet it is complete insta lust, and they both wonder how they are going to work around each other and keep their hands to themselves. As Lincoln and Vera spends time together they quickly develop feelings that are more than physical, but Vera is afraid that she’s not enough and Lincoln is afraid that she’s won’t be able to give him forever.

Misadventures with the Manny is a slow burn that’s totally worth the wait. They don’t give in until half-way through the book and when they do its intense. Lincoln and Vera have amazing sexual chemistry whether in the bedroom or in the kitchen 🔥 This was a fantastic steamy installment to the Misadventures series!

“I want to slide my hands up the back of her thighs, grab that ass of hers, and whisper how fucking beautiful I think she is.”


“But I have this need to be needed— to be wanted— and I just wanted you to say it.”



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