The Necromancer’s Bride by Brianna Hale _ Book Review


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Since that day I have borne his mark, a black star in the center of my left palm. The villagers say it brands me as evil. I think it means something far worse. It marks me as his.

The disease that nearly killed me has returned to the village and children are dying. I’m the only one who dares to climb the mountain and learn his secrets. In exchange I’m to clean his house and help with his strange experiments, but Meremon wants more. He wants me. And it isn’t long before I discover that his demands are as twisted as his experiments.

Warning: This story is a dark fantasy romance with scenes of non-consent and dubious consent. Additionally, Meremon is a necromancer and enjoys unusual things. Some sex scenes might be strange or creepy for some readers.

As always with Brianna Hale books, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after. THE NECROMANCER’S BRIDE is a novella of 16,000 words


 [I received a digital ARC for honest review]

I can honestly say I have never ever read a story like The Necromancer’s Bride before. It was unique, at times disturbing, yet completely captivating. I would describe it as a Gothic, twisted beauty and the beast retelling.

When Rhona finds herself at the mercy of the necromancer Meremon, she is completely outside her elements. Being around him has awakened a dark sexual desires inside herself. Even though she fights it, she can’t help her attraction to his darkness. I loved how he was determined to bring Rhona pleasure no matter what he had to do. Those ways became quite creative and a bit disturbing at times but it worked. He was so devoted to his bride he would do anything to make her happy even if that wasn’t with him.

This is one of those novellas that I wish was a full novel. At the end I was left wanting more. I would have loved to see more exploration between Rhona and Meremon before they truly come together. I will be keeping an eye out for future Brianna Hale releases!

You will know no more loneliness, my Rhona. No more sadness and dark nights. I have you now.”


 “Meremon is the very devil and yet he makes me feel like heaven.”

4 star rating


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