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Left wealthy but alone after her famous mother’s death, Tessa George is slowly beginning to rebuild her life when she is knocked off her feet – quite literally – by her neighbour’s sexy gardener. Shy and inexperienced with men, Tessa is stunned when the devastatingly handsome Emilio kisses her, and the two are soon fully embroiled in a steamy affair, with Tessa’s sexuality blossoming under Emilio’s expert attention. 

When Tessa receives the job offer of a lifetime, it seems like all the pieces of her life are finally falling together. But then Tessa finds her mother’s explicit journals, and they raise more questions than they answer about her mother’s secret life. Just what was Tessa’s mother involved in? Who was her mysterious lover? And does someone have unfinished business with Tessa? Tessa needs to weed out the truth – and fast. 

Can Tessa bloom into the woman she was meant to become – or does she need to wake up and smell the roses? 

Part Fifty Shades, part psychological thriller, “Wallflower” will keep you guessing until the very end. 


Wallflower is the debut novel of indie author Krista Gold. Just as the synopsis says, it kept me guessing right up till the end.

A year after her mothers death, Tessa still feels the effects of it by preferring solitude over the company of others. After a run in with the sinfully handsome landscaper Emilio, she decides she’s ready to shake off her grief. Very quickly shy and naive Tessa’s life does a 180, and she’s in a passionate relationship with Emilio and has a new job writing a book about her mothers racy life. As she dives into her mothers personal life she learns that there’s a few things she didn’t know about her. Now someone with a grudge against her mother now has a grudge against her.

I enjoyed Tessa’s character, even though she was so naive sometimes I wanted to shake some sense into her. I adored her friends, James and Alice, and looked forward to their appearances in the book. James was charming and Alice the best kind of crazy. Emilio {sigh} I assume we are supposed to swoon over him but there was something that felt off about him from the begging and screamed sketchy to me.

The story line of Wallflower started of a bit slow but when it picks up it will keep you wanting to know more. Then the last few chapters is just hit after hit of ‘WTF’ revelations that will leave you speechless. There is also no shortage of hot steamy sex scenes, they just kept coming one after another, because once Tessa got a taste of Emilio she was insatiable. I only wish the descriptions of Tessa’s orgasims weren’t so fanciful and fluffy.

Overall, I enjoyed Wallflower by Krista Gold and plan to read her future release to watch how her writing grows.

a crushing kiss that steals my breath and makes me feel like the world is spinning at a million miles an hour.”


“I am feeling wild, and thrilled. I am also feeling deliciously and thoroughly used in way that is completely new to me, and I stretch out my body languidly as a cat on a sunny windowsill.”




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