Shaft (a novella) by Krista Gold _ Book Review


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It’s been one of those mornings for Allie Sinclair – and things are only getting worse. She should be interviewing for her dream job at Hart Enterprises; instead, she’s trapped in their elevator after a power outage caused by a lightning strike. She’s late, she’s soaked from running through the storm – and she’s not alone. 

Trapped along with her is the devastatingly sexy Nate, a one-time Lothario who has recently sworn off casual sex – especially with anyone associated with Hart Enterprises.

The mutual attraction is instant, and despite their best efforts, the two soon succumb to temptation…but at what cost?

Allie’s had her fair share of unreliable men in the past, and she knows that Nate is not what she needs – but what if he’s what she wants?

And Nate isn’t looking for anyone – but what if he’s found THE one? 

Sparks will fly in the new steamy romance from the best-selling author of ‘Wallflower.

One thing’s for sure: it’s going to be one hell of a ride


In my opinion a perfect novella is a complete story but leaves you wanting and anticipating more for the characters involved. Krista Gold accomplished that for me with her new novella Shaft. Shaft is a stuck in an elevator romance that will leave you hot and bothered.

Allie is having the worst morning ever. She slept through her alarm, its down pouring out, she forgot her umbrella, can’t find parking and is late for her job interview. A job that she more than qualified for and desperately wants. Things go even more wrong when the elevator breaks down but maybe it’s not the worst thing that could happen since she’s stuck with one of the hottest guys she ever laid eyes on. Nate is also running late but the worst part about his morning is being stuck with Allie, but not for the reasons you think. He has sworn off his play boy, womanizing ways and Allie tempts him in all the ways he’s trying to avoid.

Stuck in the elevator, Allie becomes a more confident woman and her attraction for Nate is undeniable. Nate controls his own attraction to her until she’s standing before him in next to nothing and then his control snaps. Things get heated fast, and they both feel that what happens is more than just physical. However, when the elevator doors finally open they are slapped in the face with reality and their future has the possibility to be very interesting.

I loved both Allie and Nate, they were seriously great characters both with realistic insecurities and issues. The intimacy and sex between them was hot hot hot and a part of me wouldn’t have minded them never making it out of the elevator lol Krista Gold’s writing has grown since her first novel and this story benefited greatly by having both Allie and Nate’s point of view. Also, that ending was perfect and I NEED their story to continue in a full length novel !!

The look on his face, like he wants to possess me, sends a thrilled shiver racing down my spine.”

 “With Allie, it’s different. Allie, I want to take slowly, inch by inch. Allie, I want to undo completely. I want to be responsible for making her come and I want her to cry out my name when she does it.”


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