December Wrap Up 2018

Today brings the close of 2018 and I am proud that I was able to read the amount I did this month with the choas of the holidays. It was my only escape from the crazy and the kids school vacation so I got lost in my books every chance I had. I read 26 books ( and shocker they weren’t ALL romance this monthπŸ˜‚) plus a short story. I am currently about halfway through my current read Heart Sick by Chelsea Cain and hoping to finish it up before we ring in the New Year 🍾

Wrap Up

The Trouble with Christmas _ Debbie Mason 4.5🌟 [review]
Sea of Crimson Silk_ Emma Hamm 5🌟
Fresh Catch_ Kate Canterbary 3🌟
Hard Pressed_ Kate Canterbary 5🌟
The Simple Life_ Tara Sivec 5🌟
Hotshot Doc_ R.S. Grey 5🌟 [review]
Bad Judgement _ Sidney Bell 5🌟 [review]
Misadventures with a Country Boy_   3.5🌟[review]
I Might Regret This_ Abbi Jacobson 4🌟
Next In Line_ Amy Daws 4.5🌟 [review]
RAW _ Belle Auora 5🌟 (reread)
Memories of Us _ Kennedy L Mitchell 4🌟[review]
Runaround_ Jay Crownover 4🌟 [review]
Wallflower_ Krista Gold 3.5🌟[review]
Shaf: a novella _ Krista Gold 5🌟 [review]
Challenge _ Amy Daws 5🌟
Edinburgh Twilight_ Carole Lawrence 4🌟
Edinburgh Dusk _ Carole Lawrence 4🌟
Snowfall on lighthouse Lane_ JoAnn Ross 4🌟
Endurance_ Amy Daws 4🌟
Keeper_ Amy Daws 5🌟
End Game (short story) _ Amy Daws 5🌟
Surrender_ Amy Daws 5🌟
Dominate_ Amy Daws 5🌟
The Switch _ Sandra brown 2.5🌟
Wait for me_ Amy Daws 5🌟
Will Grayson Will Grayson_ john green & david levithan 3🌟


My Reading Resolutions in the New Year will be to tackle more books on my physcial tbr and not over committ when it comes to ARCs. I want to read more books just becuase I want to and not because I have to. What are some of your New Year resolutions?

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