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Torn between brothers, torn between worlds.

All I wanted was a fresh start when I left my abusive ex-boyfriend behind in Austin. What I got? A den of wolves.

No, I mean literal wolves—moon worship, fangs and all.

Sebastian and Victor? One’s troubled and dangerous, the other’s as overprotective as he is overpowered, and they’re both alpha males. Speaking of alphas, each of them thinks I’m his “fleur.” Which I’m guessing is another term for “omega.”

If I wanted anything to do with the wolf pack or its super-exclusive “gentleman’s club,” I’d be flattered that the twins are fighting over me like a scrap of meat, but I’m not that kind of guy no matter what they insist I am and there’s nothing gentlemanly about the wolves who run the Lodge.

Problem is, they’re not the only ones who are after me. Keeping the wolves at bay is hard enough, but when a vampire from my past comes calling, I’ll have to choose sides—and a mate—just to survive.

Pendulum is a 140k romantic fantasy and the first in a series of three books. This book has been re-edited and republished, V. 2.0. The first two books end in cliffhangers and the third (final) book ends in an HEA for Remus and the brothers. The entire series will be released by the end of April 2019. Please see inside cover for content warnings, audiences 18+ only.



[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

I just wanted him to claim me and make me feel something, even if it was only pain.

Pendulum is the first book in Joel Abernathy’s Kingdom of Night trilogy. It was everything I expected and wanted from a Joel Abernathy novel, a page turner that I couldn’t put down. He has yet again created a unique spin on the supernatural world, full of secrets and surprises.

Remus is starting over after escaping an abusive relationship in Texas. On the first day of school he makes a friend who introduces him to a world of BDSM and the supernatural. Before he knows it he finds himself torn between two werewolf brothers, on top of learning that someone at some point in his life hide his memories from him. As he breaks down the walls in his mind he discovers his life’s in danger, and he has to risk his life and humanity to protect the ones he loves.

Pendulum contains many characters the three most important being Remus, Sebastian and Victor. Remus was a character who I struggled with most of the book. He was really indecisive which is fine with what he went through but it didn’t lead me to love him. On the other hand Sebastian and Victor, I felt for them both strongly. They were two faces of the same coin. Sebastian for his sweetness and caring while Victor appeared indifferent and cold but managed to be there for Remus when he needed him most.

Joel Abernathy is a fantastic storyteller. His story lines are addicting and passionate. Especially with Pendulum, every time I felt or thought a certain way and BAM something would happen to change it. At times, I felt the story was being to cryptic and there was so much going on that I felt out of the loop on. Despite that I was fully invested in the story, and every punch in my heart was worth it.

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