Thirst for You by Jaclyn Quinn _ Book Review


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What happens when thirst becomes an obsession that can’t be quenched?

Forty-year-old Zachariah Taylor prides himself on being the overprotective older brother of seven. He owns a successful bar, Zach’s Bar and Grill, in the quiet town of Riverside Falls and loves the life he’s built for himself. But as his siblings move on and find their forever partners in life, he’s starting to feel less and less needed—not to mention old. Suddenly, he’s finding it even harder to ignore the younger man who has pursued him for years, but the twelve years separating them is something Zach can’t seem to overlook.

Twenty-eight-year-old Drew Belford has been in love with the stubborn Zach Taylor for seven years. Sure, he was a kid when they’d first met, but what Zach is determined to ignore is the man Drew has become. Drew, however, is just as strong-minded and refuses to let Zach use their age difference as an excuse to disregard the attraction burning between them. He doesn’t need an overprotective older brother—he needs Zach.

When Drew begins to get unsettling messages from an unknown person, Zach feels helpless in a way he’s never felt before. How can he protect Drew from someone he can’t find? The thought of anyone hurting Drew unleashes years’ worth of pent-up desire Zach has had for the younger man. Is his thirst for Drew enough to protect him from the danger lurking in the shadows, or will the threat of the unknown be enough to dowse the spark of love between them—and silence Drew forever?


[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Thirst for You by Jaclyn Quinn is the second book in her Beyond the Cove series. However, you do not have to have read the first book to enjoy this one, as they can be read as standalones. Warning : It will make you want to go read the first book, that’s exactly what it did to me !

Drew has spent the last seven years yearning for his older brothers best friend who happens to be his boss. That doesn’t stop him from letting Zach know exactly what he wants with him, but Zach doesn’t give in to the temptation. Drew tries his hardest to make Zach see him more than a kid who needs to be taken care of but nothing seems to work. When Drew starts getting threatening messages and Zach finds out about his secret side job, Zach sees Drew in a different light. Things for Drew go from bad to worse with Zach being the only ray of light. As the danger escalates, Zach and Drew’s happy might be over before it gets to really begins.

I need you by my side, not standing in front of me like some human shield. I want to be considered your equal, not someone you need to take care of.

I seriously could not put this book down once I started it. I love both Zach and Drew along with all their friends and family. A cast of relatable characters you felt like you could meet walking into a local pub. Drew was energetic, fun and passionate. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to make it known. I felt so bad for the situation he found himself in especially since he had been trying so hard to prove he could take care of himself. Zach was a lot more stern than Drew and was over the top protective of everyone in his life. I couldn’t get enough of Drew’s over the top flirting with Zach and the sexual chemistry between them. The passion between them was on fire and will leave you fanning yourself. It takes Zach a while to be fully confident in his relationship with Drew but thankfully Drew never once questioned his feelings towards Zach and never gave up when even the most difficult obstacles got in their way.

This man had the power to destroy him; he also had the power to make Drew his whenever the hell he wanted.

Overall, Thirst for You was a fantastic age gap, MM romance suspense. It is well paced and very exciting. It keeps you guessing until the very end with just the right amount of mystery to go with the steamy romance between Zach and Drew. I am really looking forward to future releases in this series.

Drew was trying to keep up, but if he thought Zach dominated before, it didn’t hold a candle to the way he was controlling the kiss.


Drew had broken all the rules.. and Zach had let him. 


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