Shift by Joel Abernathy _ Book Review


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An angel fell and a devil was there to catch him.
My fathers always told me the rules would keep me alive. For Mihail, I’ll break every last one of them.
Never let the blood run cold.
Never let the monster out in the light of day.
Never let a human witness escape.
He saw the secret I keep buried beneath my skin one night so long ago, and I let him get away. I should have killed him, but my soul knows him the way my fangs long to.
He’s got secrets, too. Secrets of the tarnished past. Secrets sharp and rusty enough to ruin us both.
Either he falls or I do.

This is the third book in the Flesh & Bone series. It can be read as a standalone, but it includes characters and references situations from the previous two books.


[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

“We were all either hunter or prey. “

Shift is the third book in Joel Abernathy’s Flesh and Bone series. It technically can be read as a standalone but there are characters from previous books in it. The book as a whole will mean more if you read the first two books and I highly recommend them because they were two of my top reads of last year.
“He’d always been my sanctuary, and now, he was a raft keeping me a float in choppy water.”
Mihail and Andrei are two people living opposite lives. Mihail is a hunter, chasing down and killing inhuman monsters. Andrei holds a wolf inside him that he struggles to control. Somehow these two boys become unlikely friends and live in their own little bubble while together. They form a bond that is shattered as they grow older and secrets they both kept hidden from each other come to light. Mihail and Andrei go from friends to enemies to so much more, as their lives become entwined with each other.
“A kiss was sweeter than a bullet, but in the end, they all resulted in the same thing.”
It took me a moment to get back into the Flesh and Bone world but once I did and the story really got moving I was hooked. The romance itself was a slow burn that grew as the characters’ connection grew. Mihail and Andrei are both a bit broken inside with unknown and deeply buried pasts. I loved how both Mihail and Andrei grow and change into two different people than they were at the start of the book. Whether they are fighting or being intimate the passion between them is intense.
Every touch sparked a need I didn’t know I had, but once it came into existence, it was insatiable.”
Shift was one of my most anticipated reads for this year and it did not disappoint.Once again Joel Abernathy immerses you into a world and family of supernaturals that you can’t help but fall in love with. They have a fantastic ability to project the characters feelings and passions and bring a story to life. If you enjoy MM paranormal romances a bit on the darker side than I highly recommend the entire Flesh and Bone series!
When you loved someone to the point of obsession, their hatred was almost as satisfying as love.
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5 star

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