Noah’s Song by Jaclyn Osborn _ Book Review


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Noah Derwin knows what it’s like to be different. Being a seventeen-year-old kid in high school with blue hair, piercings, a mostly all black wardrobe, and an obsession with zombies and video games, he doesn’t exactly blend in. But he never wanted to. His two dads raised him to always stay true to himself.

Bastian Hunter prefers structure and predictability. Suffering from a rare disease, every day is a challenge for him, and he prepares for the future by excelling academically and denying who he really is. Everything changes when he meets Noah, the unpredictable variable in the equation he’s built his life around, and feelings he’s hid for so long begin to surface.

Being gay in high school isn’t exactly rainbows and butterflies, and Noah has definitely faced his fair share of bullies. Moving to Port Haven, Oregon opens up new possibilities for him, and he starts falling for the quiet, brown-eyed boy from his English class. Too bad the attraction is one-sided… or is it?


[I received a digital copy for an honest review]

Love. Two hearts connected by something words couldn’t explain. Irrational and random, but strong.

Noah’s Song by Jaclyn Osborn is a YA LGBTQ romance staring two high school seniors who feel like they don’t belong for two completely different reasons. It’s a story about finding your place and accepting yourself for who you are, flaws and all.

This book is packed with all kinds of emotion. They tackle some heavy issues that a lot of teenagers face like bullying, peer pressure and depression. I feel like teenage me would have been a mess over this book, but in a good way. Adult me appreciated it none the less because there are some great parenting moments to learn from.

Love isn’t something the brain understands, its unpredictable and strong, and all reason gores out the window.

Aside from the serious topics the book deals with, it has so much adorable quirkiness. Noah is his own person and that person just so happens to obsess over horror films, loves zombie, consume way too much caffeine, and express himself through art. Bastian is his opposite in the most obvious ways and would rather spend his down time with his nose in a book. Bastian also has a rare disease that leaves him almost completely deaf and other medical issues. Together they are so stinkin’ cute that you can’t help but root for them and hope that they can make it work. Noah is kind and considerate in his friendship with Bastian and when they finally move onto the physical part of their relationship they are both so tender and passionate it will make your heart melt. Also, besides our two main characters, I adored Noah’s dads whose love was the sweetest, and Noah’s bestie Samantha was ridiculous in the best way.

He was the first guy I’d ever crushed on so hard and was my first kiss. He held a piece of me no one else would ever have.

I almost gave this book 5 stars because I devoured it but I had an issue with the way the conflicts were solved at the end of the book. One of the boys’ biggest obstacles was Bastian’s parents and it was somehow fixed in the snap of a finger, or a few paragraphs. It was the most unrealistic part of the whole book. The book also tended to be a bit cliche at times, like it was trying to hard.

And what a diverse group of friends we were, too the outcast, the theater guy, the beautiful cheerleader, and the brainiac.

Overall, Noah’s Song is a wonderful teenage romance with great LGBTQ representation. If you loved the book Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda than I think you will really enjoy this one. I’ll definitely be getting a physical copy to add my to shelves 🙂

Who would’ve ever known we’d end up here? The math nerd and the zombie freak.


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