Coming Home by Raleigh Ruebins _ Book Review

cominghomecover.jpgTitle: Come Home
Author: Raleigh Ruebins
Length: 70k
Series:  Kinley Island, book 1
Genre: MM contemporary
Release date: June 11

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Synopsis :

Hunter Wilson is my best friend. And I want him more than anything.
He’s a hot, charming, scatterbrained little ball of perfect, and he protected me when I needed it most. To Hunter, I’m just an old friend. I moved to the city long ago to try to forget him.But when work pulls me back to our small island hometown, it’s like stepping into a time machine to ten years ago. Suddenly, Hunter is my entire world again. His eyes, his lips, his mischievous smile. He’s ten times more irresistible, and a million times more trouble.He doesn’t think anything of it when he kisses me one late summer night. Forbidden for years, and now he’s right in my lap.
To him, it’s just reckless fun. But I’m done for.
Because he’s the only thing that feels like home.

Ever since Gavin became a successful hot shot in the city, he felt more like a stranger than my best friend. Where was the shy, sweet guy I used to stick up for in school? The person who could tell me anything?
Now he’s swooped back into our hometown, threatening to change the island forever. But we like our small town just the way it is. I should be fighting against Gavin and everything his company wants to do.
…But I’m no good at “should.” Instead, I end up with my lips on his.
…And then pulling him into bed.
And God, now I only want more.
Everyone in town tells me to stay away, but Gavin hits a spot that no one else has. A little secret, wicked-hot fun with a friend never hurt anything. Right?

Come Home is a 70,000-word gay romance about two friends who should be enemies but fall in love instead. It features summer nights by the water, boozy milkshakes, bad decisions, and a dog named Meatball. It’s the first book set in the small town of Kinley Island, but can be read as a standalone novel on its own.


[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

The first rule of Kinley Island is that all you can talk about is Kinley Island.

Coming Home is the first book in Raleigh Ruebins new series Kinsley Island. It was a great feel good, friends to lovers romance with the perfect small town setting.

Kinley Island is small, tight-knit and the only access to it is by ferry. It’s so very far removed from the Seattle city life and that’s exactly how the residents like it and want it to stay. Gavin left the island two years ago, leaving behind is best friend Hunter, and is now back with the not so grand idea to connect the island to the mainland with a brand-new bridge. The people are not happy and Hunter is one of them. Things get even more tricky when Hunter starts discovering new feelings toward Gavin that Gavin himself has had for a very long time. Hunter struggles to support Gavin in a project he strongly disapproves of. Gavin has to take a good look at himself and find what’s more important, his business or the man he can’t live without.

It wouldn’t have mattered if we were in Kinley or Seattle or on goddamn Mars — I was at home when I was with Hunter.

I adored this book so much and devoured it in one sitting. The story has the quintessential small town feel. Kinsley is a place where everyone knows everyone else moves. When they love you, you know it, and when they aren’t happy with you they aren’t afraid to let you know. The supporting characters were great, especially Hunter’s goofy parents and his blunt and honest brother.

I figured now I’ve done my good dead, so for the rest of the day I can rob banks, deal drugs, and jaywalk guilt free.

Hunter is a bit of a mess. Our first impression is of him doing the walk of shame and joking about it. He is kindhearted and personable, you just can’t help but love him. Gavin seems to be on the opposite side of the scale compared to him with his career focus, health regime and seriousness. Hunter mellows him out and brings out a lighter side to him. Their friendship is honest and caring. They didn’t sugar coat things for each other and didn’t let their differences inter with their relationship. I loved their sexual chemistry when they finally gave into it. The passion was intense, and they couldn’t get enough of each other. Their whole dynamic flowed and was believable.

I’d just kissed Gavin. The enemy. My best friend. Someone I really wasn’t allowed to be kissing.

Coming Home was a fantastic to start to a new series. Raleigh Ruebins is a new to me author but I will definitely be reading the rest of this series as it releases and checking out her previous work.



4.5 star


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