Training the Home Run King by Asa Torrence _ Book Review


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He comes with a reputation, and a killer swing

Kai Hiromoto, the hottest player in college baseball.
And as fate would have it, my new roommate.
They call him the Home Run King for more reasons than one.
He always scores, and it’s not hard to see why.
He’s sexy, charming, and has a body like a god.
And as the player I’m assigned to train, he’s totally off-limits.
Even if the chemistry between us has me questioning everything.
We both know he’s destined for more than this small town.
The question is, can I work Kai’s body without getting feelings involved?
Letting my guard down could lead to the best fling of my life.
Or the biggest heartbreak.

First she steals my room, then she steals my heart

That gorgeous, green-eyed girl who just hustled me out of the master bedroom?
Turns out I’ll be seeing a lot more of Jenna Arbor.
Not that I’m complaining.
She’s just made it a lot harder to focus.
I’ve got one semester left to prove I can still hit, and get signed.
The plan doesn’t include hooking up with my trainer, even if I can’t get her out of my head.
But what do I do when she suddenly seems interested?
All I know is being in close contact with her makes me want to revert back to my old ways.
Charm, seduce, and conquer.
That’s the old playbook, right?
The only thing is, she makes me feel like I just might want something more.


[I received a digital copy for an honest review]

New Adult romances are usually a hit or a miss with me, and Training the Home Run King by Asa Torrance was a hit. I genuinely enjoyed it with its realistic story line and likable characters.

Training the Home Run King is about two seniors in collage getting ready to complete their end goals. Jenna needs to focus and finish out the semester proving herself as the best sports trainer she can be. Kai has to prove his shoulder won’t stop him from playing ball and that he has what it takes to make a career out of it. Neither one of them has the time for distractions and falling in love has never factored into their long term plans. Things get complicated fast when they find out they are not only roommates, but Jenna is his personal trainer and the lines between their professional and personal relationship gets blurred forcing them to reevaluate their futures.
I really appreciated the rational story line of the book, there were no crazy outlandish misunderstandings or ridiculous scenarios. It’s a story about two college kids trying to figure it all out. The sexual tension between them is perfect and when they finally give in its passionate and steamy. The build up between them is definitely worth the wait. Their overall romance is sweet, from the moment Kai lays eyes on Jenna she’s his only female interest. They worked well together, and they were friends alongside their physical attraction. I felt for them when they struggled with Jenna’s roles in his life, trainer or girlfriend, the lines crossed on more than one occasion. I understood her frustrations and his, and I was rooting for them to work their issues out.
Asa Torrance’s debut novel Training the Home Run King was a great New Adult sports romance. I would love to see her write a book for Jenna’s best friend Corinne, that girl needs her own happily ever after.
“Everything was supposed to be about baseball this semester. And then I met you.”


“Kai: Damn. I kind of like having your mark on me.”




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