Appeal to You by Jaclyn Quinn _ Book Review


Title: Appeal to You
Author: Jaclyn Quinn
Length: 80k
Series:  Beyond the Cove, book 3 (best if read in order)
Genre: contemporary
Content: This book contains off-page references involving sexual and physical abuse of a minor.

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Will the demons of the past ruin any hope for the future?

If there’s anyone who knows how to have a good time—be it with a man or a woman—it’s Ryder Pearce. Master of the nail-it-and-bail-it theory, he lives his life for one person and one person only: himself. When a man enters Ryder’s life who challenges him on every flirtation, every sexual innuendo he can come up with, Ryder’s thrown off his game in a big way. Because there’s one thing the man has made perfectly clear—they’ve played this game before, and Ryder doesn’t remember the outcome.
Avery Hamilton has seen all of Ryder’s moves and has witnessed his sex appeal. He knows all too well about his cocky sense of humor and his penchant for one-night stands. There was a time in his life when he’d taken the bait, but this time around, he wants more. He’s seen Ryder’s act; what he hasn’t seen is Ryder—the real Ryder he hides from the world.
When both men come together to help a young boy, Ryder’s forced to face things from his past he’s blocked out. Things he never wanted anyone to know. Now, Ryder has one fear… Will revealing that side of himself be real enough for Avery? Or will it be the reason Avery walks away?

***Warning: This book contains off-page references to sexual/physical abuse of a minor.
***This book is the third book in a series. Reading the books out of order may result in spoilers.


 [I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Appeal to You is the third book in the Beyond the Cove series by Jaclyn Quinn and can technically be read as a stand alone, but will spoil previous books in the series. An opposite attract mm romance that is sure to dug at your heart strings.

Ryder wrapped his arm around Avery’s waist, leaning his face into Avery’s neck. ‘ You’re perfect for me.’

Ryder is a play boy whose motto is nail-it and bail-it and he’s been playing a cat and mouse game with Avery. Avery who wants more than a one night stand, especially another one with Ryder when he can’t even remember the first. Ryder’s young neighbor ends needing a home and Ryder doesn’t hesitate to turn to Avery for help. The two of them come together to help the kid find a home. They also learn there’s a lot more beneath the surface of each other and their feelings go way more than sexual attraction. Ryder has to face his past and trust in Avery in order to move on to get him own happy.

I’ve never met anyone like you before. Strong in ways you don’t even realize, kind in ways you completely deny, and sexy in ways that make me want you all the damn time.

This story is full of heavy topics, and Ryder really has to fight his inner demons to get the ending he deserves. Ryder has dealt with sexual and physical abuse while growing up in foster care, and he will do everything he can to keep his neighbor Chris go through that. His past has left a lot of emotional and physical scares on his body and Avery slowly has to show Ryder he is so much more than his past. Avery has is own issues and insecurities that you don’t see right away but as his vulnerabilities come out, one occasion he actually brought me to tears. When they aren’t dealing with the heavier issues, the banter and sexual innuendos between the two of them were fantastic. They have to work hard through emotional baggage to get together but when they do their first intimate scene is EVERYTHING and it was perfect for them!

He tastes like sin and promise and need, so incredibly raw with his desire.”

Appeal to You is story filled with great character, unconventional family, trust, personal growth and unconditional love. There’s heart breaking discussions and beautiful moments that will make your heart melt. A book with a range of emotions that I highly recommend.



4.5/5 stars


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