A day in the Life of @Onceupon_a_bookdream !

Hello friends 🙂 I know I typically only post book reviews on my blog. I don’t really have extra time to post Top 5″ lists, TBRs, or Wrap Ups . Today I find myself with some unplanned free time, so I figured why not enjoy my coffee and write up a blog post other than a book review. I am often asked on Instagram how I manage to read so many books each month as a mom of 4 kids. For example, I have already read 25 books this month and will probably squeeze in a few more before the end of the month because I am drowning in arcs. It helps that I am a stay at home mom and it helps that almost all of my kids are in school all day.




6 am – Time to get the kids morning routine started and down my first cup of coffee.

8:00  – 3 out of my 4 kids are successfully dropped off at school. Now it’s just my 4-year old and I. I set him up with a snack and an activity, so I can have breakfast. The next hour I devoted to bookstagram and writing up a book review, many days this task includes another cup of coffee.

9:30/10 – If I need to take bookstagram pictures then my little guy helps me out because he loves being included in it especially when it gives him the opportunity to sniff the bookish candles lol

11:00 – Time to get the youngest ready for preschool. This includes another snack for him and then as long as it nice out we walk to school.

11:30 – I am officially kid free, so you probably think this must be when she reads? Wrong Now it’s time to do the household chores for the day. Whether that be laundry, dishes and cleaning. The time I run errands, such as food shopping or target runs. This is also my personal hygiene time, when I can take a shower without it being interrupted by little one’s demands.

1:30 – My free time has ended and fifty percent of the time I have forgotten to eat lunch but no worries I have definitely had another coffee. This time starts the school pickup routine which includes a lot of waiting in the car , at which time I check in on bookstagram again.

3:00 – The kids are all home, after school snack distributed, and they all disappear into their electronics. I now spend the next hour reading ! yay! finally and usually it doesn’t get interrupted many times.

4:00 – My husband comes home and it’s time to start dinner. I make at least 3 different meals each night because my kids won’t eat what the adults eat and one of my sons is autistic, so he will only eat specific foods. That why I start so early and my husband and I don’t actually eat until 5:30/6

6:00 – This is family time. We watch movies or tv together and does not include me getting to read but I am having my last coffee of the day lol

8:00 – Kids bedtime {{happy dance}}

8:30 – 9 – TV with the hubby.

9:00 – Now it’s go time. I devour a book ! Whether that means I stay up till 11 or 1 am, I get it done. That is why in the morning I usually have a review to write. I can’t start a new book unless I’ve written the review for the one I just finished.

nighttime reading


There it is. My daily routine. At times its switched up a bit with therapy appointments {mental health is important} and kids appointments. It’s also drastically changes during winter and summer vacation but for the most part I do all my reading at night. Being a stay at home mom is a full time non-stop job and blogging feels like one too. Sadly neither one of these actually pays me anything lol In the end whether you read 2 books a month or 22 , you just got to do you !


you do you.gif

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