Date In Disguise by Laura Westbrook _ Book Review

Date in Disguise - cover

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The plan is simple…

Wear a wire, fake a name, and seduce the billionaire responsible for sending her late father’s business into a death spiral. While Faye isn’t excited about her brothers’ plan, and definitely unsure of her ability to seduce anyone, let alone a playboy billionaire, she’ll do anything to save the last remaining link to her father.

But Gavin Walsh isn’t who she thought he’d be. He’s smart, funny, and kind. Worst of all, she might be falling for him. But if he ever finds out who she is and what she’s done, he’ll be furious. If she fails, her brothers will be furious. What’s a girl to do?

If you enjoy steamy romance stories with alpha men, guilty pleasures, happily ever afters, no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a touch over-the-top, then you’ll love Date in Disguise. Get your fix with a story that hits the spot and doesn’t take all year to read.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate the cover design choice for this book. I’m really loving it, the black and white suit and the title popping in color. Now onto the books insides.

“I didn’t just enjoy a kiss with the man threatening to ruin my family, did I?”
Date In Disguise is a story about shy and insecure Faye, who would rather volunteer at the zoo than partake in her families business. When her brothers approached her with the news that the business is going to go under she feels as if she needs to do her part in trying to save it. Even if that means pretending to be someone she’s not to take down the competition by any means necessary. Quickly her feelings for Gavin become much more than the lie they started as, and she has to find a way to fix the mess she’s gotten herself into.
“There was something in her look, in the depths of her eyes, that made me want to learn more.”
This book had so much potential. The story line is one I can get behind yet it felt like it failed to deliver with the female character. Faye just really had no backbone, she let her brother’s walk all over her. I understand she was shy and a little naive but it bugged me. If this had been a plan she had come up with on her own I would have felt more comfortable with the situation. I really enjoyed Gavin though, he was sweet and charming. The perfect handsome billionaire with more depth than meets the eye. The intimate scenes were nice and steamy {even thought our characters didn’t bother using protection when they barely knew each other}. The ending was sweet and satisfying for Faye and Gavin.
This is my first read by Laura Westbrook and I would be willing to read more of her books in the future.

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