Fall Deep Raleigh Ruebins _ Book Review

20191004_145722Title: Fall Deep
Author: Raleigh Ruebins
Length: 77k
Series:  Kinley Island, book 3
Genre: MM contemporary
Release date: October 8
Links:  Amazon  Goodreads

Nobody knows the real me. I didn’t choose to be famous or wealthy, and I’ve seen firsthand how the media can ruin lives–including mine. So I keep everything secret, controlled, and undisclosed. Especially the fact that I’m attracted to men.And then Landon Luna breaks right through my shell. He’s a whirling tornado of flirtation, blond hair, and irresistible lips. He’s a ray of sunshine in my lonely life, and I desperately need to keep him close. But he refuses to sign my contract–and I know I need to end things.With a reporter following my every move, the pressure is on. I need to keep things locked down. Need to keep myself under control. But I also need Landon–body and soul. And no matter the danger, no matter the risk, I get what I want. Even if it costs me everything.Landon:
I’ve spent my whole life falling in love too fast. It’s the same story every time: I meet hot guys, I fall so deep, I give them everything… and then they run away.But then I meet Alex Aldridge. Alex is everything I’ve daydreamed about since boyhood–wicked hot, brooding, and secretly passionate as hell. He’s an heir to a technology empire, but behind all his money, he’s got an ocean of secrets. Like the fact that he’s into men. And the fact that he wants me.

There’s just one catch: Alex forbids me from telling a single soul that I’m seeing him. And he offers me an exorbitant sum of money to ensure my silence. The offer stings–but the thought of losing him hurts even more. Because after falling into bed with him, I’ve started falling in love.

I’ve never been good at secrets.
Especially ones that hurt.
But I don’t think I can let him go.

[I received a digital copy for an honest review]
I really enjoy the Kinley Island series by Raleigh Ruebins. I was so excited when I found out the third book was about Landon the energetic, easy to love young man we got to know a little in the second book. Landon deserves all the love and Fall Deep gives him the happily ever after he deserves.
All I knew was there was no chance I could resist him. And it was terrifying.
Landon Luna falls fast and falls easy when it comes to the guys he comes across. He gives and gives and gives to every relationship no matter what and gets nothing but heartache in return. He just wants to be someones end goal, but he has finally given up hope. When he swears off men he ends up meeting Alex. Handsome, sexy, and as far in the closet you can be, Alex. They have an instant connection but Alex wants secrets and Landon deserves more than that. They attempt being friends but their hearts get too involved and one of them has to walk away before their situation hurts more than it already does.
He was f*cking tap dancing all over my heart, and I was allowing it. Relishing it.
Fall Deep didn’t feel as ‘Kinley Island’ submersed as the others with a lot of the time spent at Alex’s place in Seattle. The time they did spend on the island was charming and cozy and where I felt the couple did the most bonding. Landon’s character was fantastic. He was so perfectly imperfect you couldn’t help but want him to be appreciated and loved for everything he is. He had a tendency to ramble awkwardly, he was kind, and he was sexually confident. Alex was his opposite in a lot of ways, always put together , less comfortable in his sexuality but was filled with kindness under his tough exterior. Although the connection between Landon and Alex is pretty instant the book is paced well so you see their relationship flourish and grow. When they were together it really was like they were in their own little bubble and it was great but damn when reality popped in it was painful to read. My heart broke repetitively for Landon, no matter what it seemed like a lose/lose situation for him.
To say I didn’t deserve him was an understatement a thousand years could pass by and I still wouldn’t feel like I was good enough for Landon Luna.
Fall Deep focus’ more on the emotional part of a relationship, and getting to know a person. There were just the right amount of hot and heavy scenes, but they didn’t take over the story. I am already looking forward to the next book in the series, fingers crossed it’s about Alex’s brother Dean.


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