Defiance Falls Revolution (Defiance Falls #2) by Ali Dean _ Book Review


Coming October 10. You need to read Defiance Falls first before reading this book.

Hazel Ross had no idea what she’d stepped into that night at my 18th birthday party. I’d waited years for the right moment, and there she was, forcing me to show my cards before it was time. Now she wasn’t only a pawn for our enemies, she had a target on her back.

I don’t regret it, even though I should. I could never regret making Hazel mine again. She gave me something real to fight for.

It was too late for her to back out now. She was one of us again. And she was about to find out what that meant.


[I received a digital copy for an honest review]

Defiance Falls Revolution picks up right where the last book left off so you need to read the first book in order to read book 2. Therefore, I will make this review simple and spoiler free, so I don’t give away the first books cliffhanger or any of the big revelations we discover while reading.

I wasn’t a pawn anymore. The Malones might think I was, but I was a player now. We all were

Hazel is coming to terms with her new normal. She struggles a little with overcoming her feelings of hurt and inadequacies of being left out of the know for the past three years. She is attempting to find her place in the group and wrap her head around the secrets she’s been let in on. Cruz finally has Hazel, the girl he’s always wanted but kept away from for her own good. He has to find a balance between being supportive and over protective now that Hazel is in the thick of things right alongside him. Their group tries to settle things with their enemy peacefully but sometimes war is just inevitable.

Everything else around us was a mess, but we were solid.

First I need express how much I LOVED that we are given Cruz’s point of view in this book. I loved getting to see exactly how he felt about Hazel, his family, and everything going down around them. He is such a bad boy on the outside, but he has a soft side that loves his father and would have waited forever for Hazel if it had come to that. Hazel is much more of a bad a** in this book, now that she doesn’t have all her uncertainty dragging her down. The two of them get more intimate than the previous book and I felt it fit them perfectly. I loved that even though there were serious matters in the works, Hazel, Cruz and the boys still took the time to just be teens.

In this life, Hazel, we have to soak up each good moment. Because you’re right, we don’t know what’s coming next. It could be taken from us.

So far I have enjoyed the Defiance Falls series by Ali Dean and can’t wait to see how everything turns out for the characters in the final book.


4 star rating

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