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I wish it were that easy. My father once told me to find my night, but I’ve given up. All that’s left is a tattooed reminder and the distraction that smells of jasmine whirling around my kitchen. ~Nick

He’s quiet, serious and so hot. I want to shake his world, and his bed, like a snow globe. But he’s my boss, and so far out of my league that we’re not even playing the same sport. ~Bree

Far from star-crossed, Nick and Bree are thrown together when fate, a guy named Frank, recommends Bree for the job as Nick’s personal chef. Cue the insanity with kittens, a crumbling mansion, and the cream puff fiasco, on a sweetly hilarious romp with delicious bits of heat. Spoiler alert: you may need to toss this book in the freezer periodically.



[I received a copy for an honest review]

Finding My Night by Halo Roberts is a sweet low angst romance between an aspiring Chef named Bree and an art dealer named Nick. She’s his personal chef and since day one they had an instant interest in the other but it took them months to acknowledge it. Nick needs a date to an art opening he decides to go for it and ask Bree to accompany him. When they discover they each harbour the same feelings they go full steam ahead and make up for lost time. Bonus, the book contains two HEA stories in one, with the reader getting to read about Bree‘s aunt Margo and Nick’s father’s friend William finding love.

I wish I knew how to keep you out of my head […] I tried to keep my distance, I’m not right for you, but I just can’t anymore.

Finding My Night is set up a little different from the romances I usually read. Most books are set up where the beginning of the book is getting know the main couple then they meet and it’s either insta love or it’s a slow build angst. Finding My Night starts with the couple already secretly pining after each other for a few months and getting together at the start. From there we get to experience their happily ever after with them. It’s filled with sweet declarations of love and steamy intimate scenes . Both relationship in the book are fast paced and quick to the L word. The intimate scenes were hot and plentiful , my only issue with them being that they were a bit wordy. At times , especially when they start out, they feel like step by step instructions on how to do the deed which took away some of the passion for me.

It doesn’t matter that she’s too bright for my life, all that matters is that her lips are on mine and she tastes like sunshine.

Overall, I think Finding My Night is a strong first novel and I’d be interested in reading future works by Halo Roberts.





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