The Ghost of Ellwood by Jaclyn Osborn _ Book Review

48468947._SY475_Title: The Ghost of Ellwood
Author: Jaclyn Osborn
Series: ​Ivy Grove, book 1
Genre: paranormal, mystery
Content: mentions of past abuse
Links: Amazon  Goodreads


“I didn’t believe in ghosts. Until I met him.”

As a horror novelist, Ben makes a living telling scary stories. However, he’s struggling in his career and fears he’s lost his touch. Not only is there a disconnect in his writing, but in his personal life as well. After his relationship goes south, he decides to start over and moves to Ivy Grove, a small town with a lot of history.
He hopes the quaint town and beautiful Victorian manor he moved into will spark inspiration and help him fall back in love with writing.

And then strange things start happening.
Creaks in the hall, shadows from the corner of his eye, and the sense that he’s being watched. Ben soon learns that the manor has a dark past, and within the morbid history, he discovers a century old mystery.

Who is Theo Blackwell? And what happened to him all those years ago?
As Ben begins to unravel the truth, he finds himself not only falling in love with writing again, but also falling for the stunning young man who haunts his manor.

*The Ghost of Ellwood is a paranormal m/m romance. You’ll find mystery, a somewhat grumpy writer, a sassy ghost, and of course a HEA.*


[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

The Ghost Of Ellwood by Jaclyn Osborn is a mm paranormal romance. A romance between a horror novelist and a ghost. Yes, you read that right, GHOST, and it was everything I wanted and more. I have never read a paranormal romance of this variety and was unsure of how this was going to play out, but I was pleasantly surprised and already look forward to the next book.

My beautiful, ghostly muse who had captured my heart and breathed life back into me.

Ben decides to move a small town to start over after his relationship fails, and he has been struggling with his writing. He moves into an old beautiful Victorian which just so happens to be haunted. He doesn’t believe in ghosts until he comes face to face with the one in his new home. Theo Blackwell is charming and handsome and motivates Ben to get back into his writing groove. Before he knows it, on his hunt to find out what really happened to Theo, Ben starts to have feelings he never thought possible when it comes to a ghost but that doesn’t make them any less real.

Ghost, human; it didn’t matter. What mattered was the way our souls merged together.

I really enjoyed all the characters in the story. I can’t decide who I loved more, Ben or Theo. Ben is a level-headed, understanding and completely smitten when it comes to Theo. Theo is slightly nerdy, cheeky, and such a sweetheart. I honestly forgot at times that he was a ghost until he would blink out of existence when angry or overwhelmed. I liked their slow built intimacy going from friends to a love that snuck up on them. They were adorable together, doing little things to show they cared, and the intimacy was passionate. I wasn’t sure if it was going to come off weird when they made love but it was everything but that. It was full of passion, love and warmth.

I craved the coolness of his touch and the way his body flickered when he got excited.

Overall, the story was quite entertaining. It had a mix of friendly ghosts and ones out to do more harm than good. A perfect combination of mystery and romance. This is my second time reading a Jaclyn Osborn novel and while much different story line than the first one I read, I enjoyed this one just as much, maybe even more. Jaclyn Osborn, from my experience, is a talented writer that creates stories full of heart and emotion with a lighter feel to them. The Ghost of Ellwood gives you a slightly spooky happily ever after that proves you can’t control who you love.




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