Be Your Anything by Jillian Liota _ Book Review


Lennon Day is a problem

She was supposed to be a one-time diversion, a friend that temporarily soothed the desires raging under the surface. Now we can’t keep our hands to ourselves, playing a game that we’re both going to lose.

I thought I liked my life how it was. I wasn’t expecting for anything to change, for my priorities to ebb and flow like a wave. And now I’m worried everything is going to crash down around me.

And that she might be the one who gets lost in the storm.

Lucas Pearson is a problem

He’s handsome, charming, my childhood crush… and unfortunately, not completely available. When I moved back to Hermosa Beach to work for my family’s foundation, I wasn’t expecting anything to happen. But it did.

Now, we collide like magnets, finding each other in the night to satisfy the urges we can’t seem to escape. It’s supposed to be casual. No strings. Emotion-free. And definitely a secret. So what’s the problem?

I’ll be anything for him… even if I lose myself in the process.

Welcome to Hermosa Beach

***Note: This is the second book in the Hermosa Beach Series. It contains significant spoilers, and should be read after ‘Promise Me Nothing’.


[ I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Be Your Anything is the second book in the Hermosa Beach series by Jillian Liota. Lucas is a famous competitive surfer who lives his life enjoying his job, his family and his friends in his hometown. He is in a complicated relationship with his long term girlfriend and things get even more complex when he finds himself falling into bed with his childhood friend, Lennon. Lennon knows the score when it comes to Lucas but can’t help herself because she’s always had strong feelings for him. As they get closer Lucas struggles to keep the relationship with Lennon just physical and Lennon tries to keep a lid on her ever growing emotions. Can they keep up their games or will emotions and real life destroy everything they have together?

I wanted to like these characters and in the end I did like Lennon. She was a push over of the highest order for the first two-thirds of the book and I wanted to shake her and be like value yourself!! But when she gets her act together she really does, putting her mother, evil co-worker and even Lucas in place. It’s a totally high five worthy last third of the book for her. Lucas on the other hand, man could he just not see what was right in front of him the whole time. His friends and family were stating the obvious without doing so, and he just kept his head in the sand. Yes, he finally pulled it all together and it was a bit swoony but for me it was too late to get really attached to him.

“Jesus, Lennon. When you showed up, back in town, I felt like my world had been lit on fire and you were the flames.”

It is important to know that I do no like books that involve cheating. It is a trope that I avoid at all costs. I am aware that this book is about an open relationship but it still felt like a lot of emotional cheating. There was a lot of internal analysis of how the two characters were feeling and not a lot of expressing those feelings to each other which at points was frustrating. It took a long time to build to the breaking point and at times I started to lose interest. The ending did make me happy, and I was glad that they found their way.

Be Your Anything is a 3 star friends to lovers-esque romance with a twist. I look forward to going back to Hermosa Beach in the future to see what’s next for the single friends.


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