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They say not to stick your pen in company ink.
Does that apply to graphic designers as well?

This year, I decided to check off a couple life-altering items: Ditch the cheating ex, move into my own apartment, and finally pursue my dream career. When I land a graphic design job at Treasuries Inc., the start-up darling of the marketing world, I think I have it all figured out.

Oh, naïve little me.

I, Grace Holmes, am not related to the great detective, Sherlock. If I were, maybe I could solve the mysterious case of why the universe gave me my dream job, but then paired it with my new boss, Cameron Kaufman.

Cameron Kaufman is a man with a plan–if that plan is attempting to stilt my career. He’s arrogant, cynical, and ready to spit sarcasm any chance he can. But, most of all, he is swoon-worthy to a degree of unfairness. Seriously–dimples and a winning ass? Give me a break here!

So, of course, we’re hit with a big project on my first week. Of course, now my boss and I have to spend late nights together. And, of course, I’m getting more attracted to his snarky comments as each day passes.

We both have mouths that could kill. My only problem is that I can’t stop picturing what else he can do with his, or whether my job is worth risking to find out.

In Too Deep is a full-length, standalone romantic comedy! It is the first book in the Into You Series.



[I received a digital copy for an honest review]

In Too Deep by Julie Olivia is a new fun and sexy office romance. A story filled with late work nights, lovable pups, amusing sock choices, and sarcastic banter.

That mouth is going to get you into trouble one day, he says. I smile. So I’ve been told.

Grace Holmes quit her job, separated from her lousy boyfriend, and moved into a new apartment. She finds the perfect job as junior designer with an up and coming marketing company. She finally is doing what she loves, but she butts head with her boss, who just so happens to be sexy and charming.. Late nights working on a project lead to them becoming friends and pink promising that’s all they will be because Grace’s job is too important to her. The sexual tension escalates and the feelings build until they take the risk.

By day, he’s ‘working Cameron’ with a sourpuss attitude and by night, he’s a dreamboat with a cute dog that can melt panties at will.

Grace Holmes has hands down the best last name in history, but no worries there’s just the right amount of Sherlock jokes without it being overdone. She was sarcastic and strong willed and no one was safe from her snark, even her boss. Cameron was sweet, charismatic and a little frustrating at times. He seemed to be trying to have his cake and eat it too when it came to his interactions with Grace. In Too Deep is a slow burn romance but I didn’t mind because they have a lot of fun interactions with their dogs and their friends. Holy Moly, when they do finally give into their desires it’s explosive and fit their personalities perfectly. It was feisty and sexy and hot as hell!

“His mouth closes over the lobe of my ear as he whispers, You want me to f*ck you, Grace? […] There’s no fumbling fingers or breathy apology. It’s like he’s meant to be here and now and his lust for me flows through every calculated motion.

In Too Deep may be my first Julie Olivia read but it will not be my last. I will be keeping a close eye out for the next book in this series! 4 stars



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