Your Wish by Raleigh Ruebins _ Book Review


Title: Your Wish
Author: Raleigh Ruebins
Length: 75k
Series: ​Kinley Island, book 4
Genre: MM contemporary
Release date: December 3
Links: AmazonGoodreads


“Chances of a guy like him wanting a nerd like me? Zero point zero zero six percent. Approximately.”

Charlie: Computers have always made more sense than people do. But I fall asleep next to my laptop in bed every night, wishing I had someone warm to hold. When I was forced to attend a holiday work party, I was a nervous wreck, but determined to make a good impression.

Then Dean Aldridge showed up just in time to find me breaking the rules, complete with whiskey dripping down my chin. And he was one million times hotter in person than in the magazines. I was an awkward mess. Dean was cocky, flirty, and every bit the playboy I expected. I never thought he’d look twice at a guy like me, but now I know that Dean’s reputation for being hot as fire in bed is true.

When he finds out I’ll be alone for Christmas, he invites me to his family’s cabin. I can’t say no. I don’t have much experience, but I know his body is addictive. I can’t stop, even though I’ve never done this before. Small problem: I’m falling for him. Hard. And for once, this isn’t something I can hack my way out of.

Dean: I don’t go for quiet, shy, awkward guys. I’m the life of the party, and I need someone on my level. Someone experienced like me.

So why do I want Charlie so badly?
Two words: Hot. Nerd.

It doesn’t take long before we collide in bed. On the floor, actually, because Charlie is way filthier than he seems. He’s more than just pure lust under all the awkward, though. He’s worked his way into my heart and head.

Once I’ve had a taste of him, I don’t want anyone else–even though I don’t do relationships. When I learn he’ll be spending Christmas alone due to a broken family life, I can’t help but invite him to my family’s cabin. He says he only needs me physically, but for the first time, I might be catching feelings.


 4.5/5 stars ⭐
[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Your Wish is the newest release in Raleigh Ruebins’ Kinley Island series. I’ve grown to look forward to each new release in the series and this one might be my favorite of the series so far. We met one of the main characters, Dean, in the previous Kinley Island book and I immediately wanted him to get his happily ever after.

I wanted something real. People had been asking me what I wanted for Christmas, and maybe what I wanted was someone who could handle me, in every sense of the word.”

Dean is the ultimate good time guy. He enjoys having fun and is unashamed of his sexual escapades. Charlie recently moved to Kinley Island and has gotten a job at Allerio Tech in cybersecurity. Charlie has social anxiety and the thought of socializing makes him want to hide away with his computers. Dean being the social face of Allerio Tech is told to make Charlie feel comfortable and in doing so finds himself intrigued by this shy man. Dean finds excuses to spend time with Charlie and is surprised when Charlie asks for exactly what Dean is known for, sex. They plan on keeping things between them purely physical but both Dean and Charlie find themselves becoming attached with the way they feel when together. But with Deans life in the spotlight and Charlies extreme anxiety a future between them seems impossible.

“Because there’s nobody like you, Charlie,” I said. “Everything about you is surprising.”

Dean starts of as a playboy but a fun-loving one who doesn’t discriminate and just wants to have a good time. In this book we get to see behind that surface layer and get to see the real him. He grows so much in this book thanks to his interactions with Charlie. Charlie is his complete opposite and he constantly feels he’s not good enough for him. His lack of faith in himself killed me and it hurt when others included his brother assumed the worst of him.

“I could feel his heartbeat, now, too, and it was hammering just as fast as mine was. This was a side of Dean Aldridge that no one in the world had ever seen. This was the Dean that only I would ever see.”

Charlie was an absolute adorable nerd of a human. He was painfully shy, had extreme social anxiety, and was just getting comfortable as being out as a gay man. His previous relationship that outed him and caused a rift in his family makes him not a fan of the spotlight. Yet, Dean brings out a different side to Charlie and with him he is more comfortable in himself and actually becomes the aggressor when it comes to their physical relationship. I loved every part of Charlie and Deans relationship both in and out of the bedroom. The were always so kind with each other and physically they were explosive and hot as hell !🔥

“I hate it too. I need my human calculator.”
“And I need my human Hand-warmer.”

Your Wish was a sweet MM romance with an added bonus of being set during the holidays. A fantastic addition to the Kinley Island crew and I can’t wait to see whose next!



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