Pranked by J.J. Riley & Suki Gale _ Book Review

20200102_145505Title: Pranked
Author: J.J. Riley and Suki Gale
Length: 59k
Series: ​Echo Bay, book 1
Genre: MM contemporary
Content: mentions of past abuse, but nothing on page other than panic attacks
Links: Amazon Goodreads

Jasper was finally home after several failed business ventures, realizing he was far too laid back for the corporate lifestyle. Living in Echo Bay again was not how he saw his life going and opening a bar was never in the plan. Despite that, he does his best to learn to appreciate what he has and works hard to make a life for himself. When the adorable geek next door inadvertently starts a prank war, he doesn’t hesitate to show him how to lighten up.Ezra wanted to own his own bakery more than anything. Taking over his favorite childhood bakery only made the dream that much sweeter. What he hadn’t bargained for was the sexy and frustrating bar owner next door. When he develops feelings for his cocky neighbor, he realizes he may be in over his head.

When one of their pranks goes hilariously wrong, they realize they just might mean more to each other than they anticipated. But can a quiet geek and an outgoing playboy make things work?


[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

I love small town MM romance series. The close-knit relationships and individuals personalities all finding a home with each other just makes for a great read. Pranked by J.J. Riley and Suki Gale is the start of a new series that I can already say I’m a fan of.

Who would have known that one prank could lead to the rest of my life?”

Ezra is a baker who’s a bit emotional scarred from his time spent in foster care. His fondest memories are from baking with his mom before she passed and that why he’s happiest baking loaves of bread and apple pies. His profession has made him an early bird, and he’s less than thrilled with the bar that opened up next door or its sexy owner, Jasper. Jasper moved back to his hometown after struggling in professional settings to open up a bar in hopes of turning it into a pub someday. After Ezra complains about the noise from his bar he is surprised when the baker starts a friendly game of prank wars. The prank wars bring these two opposites together, and they end up with deeper feelings than either expected.

“I’m not always boring, you know.”
“I never thought you were. It’s always the quiet ones you have to look out for.”
“True. Quiet bakers have been known to start prank wars.”

I adored all the characters in the story. From our leading men Ezra and Jasper to the friends and family that surround them. Jasper was sexy as f*ck and Ezra was a cinnamon roll whose cuteness made me smile. Some of their interactions were a little corny and cheesy but the sexual chemistry between them was on fire. {there’s a certain scene with a pool table that will leave you hot and bothered} Their storyline was fun and kept my attention and the ending required one of our heros to emotionally hit rock bottom to achieve self growth. Overall the book has a well-rounded plot that stayed interesting and had the perfect happily ever after for Ezra and Jasper.

“I pressed my lips against his , the kiss demanding and full of things I couldn’t process right now.”

Pranked is a small town MM romance with silly pranks, friendships and emphasis on family being what and who you want it to be. I’m already coupling off all the characters in my head and can’t wait for the future books in the Echo Bay series.



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