In His Eyes by Julie Olivia _ Book Review



Unrequited crush? I’ve been there. Done that. Over it.

Ian Chambers is a responsible, intelligent lawyer. But I’ve known Ian for nine years and I can tell you that responsibility does not equal likability. Ian’s also an egotistical, teasing, blue-eyed, accidentally make-you-fall-for-him kind of man. And I want nothing to do with it, thank you very much.

When he quit Treasuries Inc. eight months ago, I thought I was finally rid of him. But when I’m invited to a destination wedding as a bridesmaid and he’s the best man in every sense of the word, it’s not as easy to pretend he doesn’t exist. And this week, he’s dead-set on getting my attention just as he’s tried to for almost a decade.

If he looks at me with that cocky grin and those piercing eyes one more time, I might lose control. You could say that’s a good thing. But you would be wrong.

Ian Chambers can flirt with me as much as he wants, but I refuse to fall for his tricks…


In His Eyes is a full-length, standalone romantic comedy! It is the second book in the Into You Series.


[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

In His Eyes is the second stand alone in Julie Olivia’s Into You series. In His eyes is an enemies to lovers romantic comedy that angsty, sweet and steamy.

Ian and Nia worked together at the same company for 8 years, her as the HR rep and him as the company’s lawyer. Even though he was flirty with her they always kept it professional. One time when Nia breaks down and considers crossing that line he turns her down, and she’s left angry and embarrassed leading to their current enemies status in her eyes. Now they are forced to spend the next week together to celebrate their best friends getting married. Ian is looking forward to it and Nia is less than thrilled. The week that follows includes wedding party shenanigans, angst, passion, and forgiveness.

“This is what it feels like to melt into another person, to fall into them, to fall with them.”

I enjoyed Nia’s character . She was a bit uptight, but she cared strongly for those she let into her inner circle. I really loved her relationship with her brother and her brother’s character as a whole. I wouldn’t mind reading a book about him finding a soul mate. I was loving Ian’s character throughout the entirety of the book but the conflict at the end kind of ruined him for me. He was overly harsh towards Nia after he misconstrues a situation and then doesn’t even let her explain herself, it was frustrating. The chemistry between Nia and Ian was hot hot hot. When they give into their desires the steam goes through the roof and was perfect.

“I’ve spent years craving to know how her skin would feel, questioning what she tastes like, imagining what my name would sound like on her lips as she moans with pleasure.”

Overall, In His Eyes by Julie Olivia is a cute enemies to lovers romance that is garunteed to please.



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