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Captured is the story of Logan, a former Marine, who is given a job by his close friend John (and former brother in arms) as a high-end bodyguard with Orion Protection Service (OPS). When John’s secret attempt to rescue a group of girls abducted by a Mexican cartel is uncovered, he sends Logan to keep the cartel from abducting his sister Cadie in retaliation. Logan’s normally stoic disposition is rattled by his intense feelings for Cadie as he struggles to keep her safe and not break the trust of her brother. Cadie has always distanced herself from her brother’s business, but when Logan takes her to the Tavern, a place where the men of OPS are treated like military royalty, she finds acceptance amongst her new family. Now she’s torn between going back to her old life and being with Logan, a man unlike any man she’s ever known, all while being hunted by a gang her brother has enraged. Cadie finds herself between action-packed and romantic scenes that get the heart racing throughout the story.


[I received a gifted digital copy from author for an honest review]

Captured is the debut novel by Skylar Kingsley. The Orion Protection series follows member of a high end protection agency made up of ex military men.

Captured focus’ on former Marine, Logan. He is a tall, muscled , tattoo hero who is sick of women only wanted him for one thing. He just wants to settle down and start a family, but he doesn’t believe it’s in the cards for him. Enter , Cadie, Logan’s best friend and boss’s sister. She is professional yet down to earth. She is used to playing it safe and Logan is so far out of her usual, but she can’t deny her attraction to him. When she finds herself being hunted by the Mexican cartel , Logan will do anything in his power to keep her safe. He has to find a way to keep Cadie safe without letting his attraction for her cloud his judgement.

“I knew I didn’t deserve her, but I would do anything and everything for her. Maybe that was enough.”

The characters in the novel were well-rounded, I like both our main characters and the supporting cast. Logan is your typical strong bad a** sexy ex marine with a sweet heart. He wants to find his match and start a family in the cabin he built himself in the woods. He is very good book boyfriend material. Cadie was a great female lead, she wasn’t ditsy or wishy-washy with her feelings. She was smart, capable and kept a level head in times of crisis. Heads Up- there is a whole lot of sex in this book. It starts off as a slow burn but it gets to a point, especially at the end, where the sex scenes get to be one too many in my opinion. The scenes themselves weren’t bad but not written in a way , word wise, that I typically enjoy. I was more invested in the story line and the what the characters were getting up to outside the bedroom.

“Logan woke something deep inside me. I was all passion and no plan. For the first time, I was leading with my heart and it felt amazing.”

In the end , Captured by Skylar Kingsley was an entertaining military erotica romance story. I would certainly be interested in reading future realeses in the Orion Protection series.




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