Starting Over at Blueberry Creek by Annie Rains _ Book Review


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USA Today bestselling author Annie Rains welcomes you back to Sweetwater Springs, North Carolina, with a charming friends-to-lovers story between a sexy fireman and the beautiful woman who mends his heart.

Should they fan the flames or douse this fire before someone gets seriously burned?

Firefighter Luke Marini moved to the small town of Sweetwater Springs with the highest of hopes – new town, new job, and new neighbors who know nothing of his past. And that’s just how he wants to keep it. But it’s nearly impossible when the gorgeous brunette next door decides to be the neighborhood welcome wagon. She’s sugar, spice, and everything nice – but getting close to someone again is playing with fire.

Brenna McConnell put college on hold to raise her little sister. Now that Eve is grown, Brenna is ready to leave Blueberry Creek and finish what she started. Moving on isn’t easy, however, when her gruff new neighbor gives Eve a dangerous firefighting job. And yet, even as Brenna is telling him off for putting her sister in harm’s way, she can’t deny the sizzling chemistry between them. She put her dreams on hold once. Is she willing to make that sacrifice again for a chance at forever?


[I received a physical copy for an honest review]

Starting Over at Blueberry Creek by Annie Rains is the 4th book in her Sweetwater Springs series. This can completely be read and enjoyed as a standalone. I myself assumed it was a first in the series until right this moment when I went to write my review lol now I want to go buy the other books because I really enjoyed Annie Rains writing.

This tells the story of firefighter Luke Marini and his new-ish next door neighbor Brenna McConnell. Luke had a bad experience dating a neighbor in the past, and he has no plans to ever do so again, so he tries to keep his distance for his beautiful neighbor. Brenna put her life on hold when her parents died in order to raise her sister and take over her moms catering business. She put her life on hold when her parents died in order to raise her sister and take over her mothers catering business. It’s finally time for her to finish college and pursue her own dreams that means she has no need to start romance when she’ll be leaving soon. When their paths keep crossing they can’t deny their chemistry, and they build a friendship that eventually turns phsycial, but that they both wish could mean even more.

“You’re one hard woman to resist, Brenna McConnell

I enjoyed so much about this story. The main characters, Luke and Brenna, were both likeable. Both with impactful backstories. Luke’s history especially broke my heart but it made me happy how close he was to his family. Brenna’s was tough I couldn’t imagine giving up everything to a raise a sibling and the difficulty of it came through the pages. I wanted to wring her younger sisters’ neck half the time. I understood that Brenna was a bit over bearing, but she did it out of love and Eve was really immature and rude. I won’t get started on my less than pleasant thoughts on Luke’s coworker Ryan. On a brighter note, I loved all the other side character from Granger to Nate.

Starting Over at Blueberry Creek was a wonderful clean romance about family, going after your dreams, not missing out on love and happily ever afters.


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