Stolen Hearts by E. Davies _ Book Review

Title: Stolen Hart
Author: E. Davies
Length: 75k
Series: ​Hart’s Bay, book 4
Genre: MM contemporary
Release date: March 17


“With one look, he blew down every wall I built.”

Barista Aaron Fisher has no time for shame, propriety, or boyfriends. He’s tired of being used—by his family, hookups, and even a would-be blackmailer. A year after his last heartbreak, Aaron’s ready to give love another chance. He swoops in to rescue a gentle, bashful hunky customer from the depths of app-swiping hell. Their ideas of hot dates couldn’t be further apart… but making Quinn blush is Aaron’s new favorite hobby.After a string of failed first dates, personal trainer and hopeless romantic Quinn Powell is ready to give up on love before Aaron suggests a deal. Before December ends, can Aaron prove that great sex is all you need, or will Quinn show him that happily ever after does exist? Dating inappropriate, sassy Aaron is like sticking dynamite into Quinn’s tidy life. He finds himself remembering desires that have gone unsatisfied for years.Before long they’re breaking the only rule: don’t hide their real feelings just to win the bet. Quinn’s afraid of scaring off the secretly vulnerable twink, while Aaron’s afraid of going tame if he gives his heart to the only man strong enough to see through his defenses. This is a lot more than a fling and a few fancy dates. But as their time runs out, they must find the strength to admit to their fears.Both men need rescuing—but can they believe in themselves and each other when it matters most?


[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Stolen Hearts is the 4th book in E. Davies’ Hart’s Bay series. This fantastic group of friends in Hart’s Bay has begun to feel like family and it makes my heart happy to see each one find their perfect match. I recently binge read the other books in the series, and I was more than ready for Aaron to find his happy.

Aaron Fisher is loud, fun and always reading with a joke usually laden with sexual innuendo. He is known for his humor and promiscuity, but he is sick of being used by his family and past lovers. Quinn is the opposite in the romance department. He dates in hopes of a future but seems to be having trouble finding his match. With the new year closing in he’s about to give up hope when Aaron comes to his rescue. They decide to spend now until new years giving each other what they want. For Aaron that’s mind-blowing sex and for Quinn that’s dinners out and cuddling on the couch. Aaron hopes to convince Quinn that no strings attached is the way to go while Quinn hopes to convince Aaron that maybe love and happily ever afters do exist.

It’s never too early for a sex joke.”

Aaron has been one of my favorites since the beginning of this series and it was great to see behind the walls he built with his sarcasm and wit. It hurt that he felt he could never be anyone’s forever guy. I adored Quinn he was such a romantic and the way he tried to show Aaron his worth was sweet, he never gave up on Aaron even when he was being stubborn. Their story was adorable. I loved seeing them push each other out of their comfort zones. I also have to mention their intimacy scenes because Oh Wow they were wonderful 🔥 My biggest complaint was that I wish this didn’t have the classic miscommunication aspect to it towards the end but I guess it was inevitable. Aaron was his own worst enemy and couldn’t see what was right in front of him.

a deep, lingering kiss that spoke of the pull between them, irresistible as the earth’s tides themselves. In Aaron’s eyes, he saw everything he could ever need.”

Stolen Hearts was a great addition to the Hart’s Bay series and I’m eager to find out whose book will be next!


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