The Amicable Pact by Ana K. Anderson _ Book Review


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She is about to get married. But not to him.

Quinn MacFayden, is set to return to Scotland to protect the precious family legacy. His 90-year-old grandfather is about to marry a perfect stranger sixty-six years his junior…. Over his dead body, Quinn swears it!

But Dawn is not a future bride like the others. She is nowhere near the gold digger he imagined and, above all, she knows just how to stand up to him.

And so a game of cat and mouse begins between them. A war with no holds barred and where surrender has never been so tempting…

French readers already love this novel. Ratings stand at 4.5/5 on both Goodreads and Amazon. One of my favorite reviews came from another French best-selling author Silvia Reed:

“Another one of those novels where I loved every single line. Through her characters, Ana takes us through a multitude of emotions. Laughter, sadness, joy, fear, apprehension, love… All the ingredients are there to have a wonderful time (…)

The end twisted my stomach because Ana’s writing is so precise, emotional and addictive that you would think you were with them. (…)

While reading, I felt wanted, loved, and reassured. Yes, I might be a little crazy around the edges, but that’s how I felt when I identified with Dawn.”


[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

“Am I in the middle of writing my own fairy tale? Maybe so , in my own way.”

The Amicable Pact by french author Ana K. Anderson is a hate to love romance with a story I hadn’t expected from the synopsis . It was previously published in French under the title Scottish Bastard, which totally fits the main hero’s personality lol

“This guy holds all the records:
-The sexiest knucklehead to ever exist.
-The only person to have an ego as oversize as his bad faith
-And the only man who can manage to enrage me with just a single word.”

I don’t want to give much away about the plot because The Amicable Pact has a bit of mystery surrounding its wedding and the whole story unfolded in a way I found a bit refreshing. The story has a great cast, both main and supporting characters. Dawn is instantly likeable and you can’t help but admire her kindness with her brothers and her strong backbone when it comes to defending herself and those she cares for. Quinn on the other hand, whose fits the books original title of Scottish Bastard, takes a little more time to warm up to . When he finally stops being so stubborn, arrogant and childish he turns into a much more endering person. The pranks and bickering between them build some fantastic sexual chemistry that boils over into some passionate encounters. They both have to overcome their own insecurities in the end to take a chance on each other.

“My senses explode and my brain disconnects. I am nothing but sensation against him. I let go. Quinn MacFayden has finally had me.”

I really enjoyed The Amicable Pact by Ana K. Anderson and I hope more of her books get published in English in the near future!


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