Fake It till You Make It by Anne Harper _ Book Review


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Release Date: April 20th

oane De Carlo is going to have to move to Antarctica.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that she accidentally made her private blog very public, and all her innermost secrets and embarrassing moments are trending, now the entirety of the Internet is dying to know who her all-consuming, never-get-over-him crush “Guy” really is. She’s even got a literary agent dangling a book deal in front of her nose—but there’s a catch. She’ll have to get closure with “Guy” and give her story that pitch-perfect ending.

Too bad the real “Guy” is engaged to someone else. #Blessed

The only person in her teeny hometown of Arbor Bay who knows the truth is local bartender Brady Knox. And he’s not telling…for a price. He’ll pretend to be Sloane’s “Guy” if she’ll use her newfound Internet fame to bring more business to his struggling local bar. Brady’s always been a lone wolf, but there’s something about the pint-sized, supremely awkward, yet beautiful Sloane that charms him.

But keeping secrets in a small town like Arbor Bay isn’t easy. And Brady was never meant to be the guy for a pitch-perfect ending…


[I received a digital copy for an honest review]

One of my favorite romance tropes is fake relationship and Fake It Till You Make It by Anne Harper does it wonderfully.

In this story Sloane De Carlo made the mistake of posting the equivalent to her online diary to the public. Now the world wants to know who her secret crush is and the only one who really knows is the bartender of her hometown. Since said crush is currently engaged she doesn’t want the truth out. Enter the secret knowing bartender Brady Knox whose bar needs publicity before it goes down the drain. Becoming Sloane’s ‘crush’ would solve both their problems. Like most fake relationships feelings grow, and the sexual tension can’t be denied, and all of a sudden the relationship doesn’t feel so fake anymore.

Survive the next three weeks pretending to be in a public romantic relationship with one good-looking bartender. [[Audible gulp]]”

Sloane is awkward and quirky with the habit of rambling when she’s uncomfortable. She doesn’t feel like she belongs and struggles with her self-confidence. I enjoyed watching her grow and step out of her comfort zone. Brady was your typical grumpy attractive bartender. He enjoyed making Sloane blush and was caring when he needed to be. I loved the situations they found themselves in and was routing for them from the start. Even though I was able to foresee how the ending was going to play out it didn’t take away from how sweet it was when it happened.

Sloane was ready to completely connect with the surly, compassionate, grumpy bartender who tasted a lot like peppermint.”

Fake It Till You Make It is the debut novel for author Anne Harper. This fake relationship trope romance does not in any way feel like a debut novel. The characters are well-developed and the story line never once lost my attention. I will be keeping my eyes out for all of Anne Harper’s future books.


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