The Witches Familiar by TJ Nichols _ Book Review


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He can hold lightning in his hand, but will love slip through his fingers?

Jude Sullivan has one more chance to prove he isn’t a danger to the paranormal community. If he fails, he’ll be stripped of his magic, a painful process to make a witch human. As a test, the Coven sends him to Mercy South, Colorado, to stop a creature that’s been mutilating cows and scaring the locals. Jude hates cows and small towns. The Coven should’ve sent a nature witch.

Rob Mackenzie is the local mechanic and bear shifter. If the locals knew his secret, they’d run him out of town. He wants someone to really know him and not be afraid. With several chewed-up cows and some other weird happenings, he’s wondering if he’s no longer the strangest creature in Mercy.

After meeting Mack, Jude thinks he’s found the cause of the trouble. But the trouble is only just getting started when Mack realizes he’s Jude’s fated mate. As the cow-mutilating creature starts hunting in town, Mack and Jude will have to quit fighting their attraction and each other, to stop the creature from killing again


[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

The Witch’s Familiar is the first novella in TJ Nichols’ series, Familiar Fates. It tells the story of the witch Jude and bear shifter Mack. Jude is sent to a small town to investigate the killings of local farm life he has to prove he isn’t always a screw up in order to save his magic from being stripped from him. When he first meets Mack he pegs him for the killer but discovers he’s actually his familiar / mate. Somehow Jude has to stop the creature from killing, keep his magic and figure out what to do about his familiar.

Mack was sure lightning flickered int he witch’s eyes. He was dangerous, hot, and his mate.”

I really loved both of the main characters. Jude is a bit of a mess, but he is kind and just trying his best. Mack was grumpy and growly Together they were cute and I loved the way they were both wanting the best for each other even when they wanted to remove the familiar bond.

Static leaped between their skin, then Jude kissed him. His lips tasted like a summer storm, sweet and deadly.”

I very much enjoyed the authors writing style and their ability to make a novella length story not feel like it was missing anything (even though lets be honest I wouldn’t have turned down more intimate scenes between the two of them). This was a quick, fun read, and I am very interested in reading TJ Nichols other books and will be keeping an eye out for the future books in this series.


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