Falling for the Voice by Mag Maury _ Book Review


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The sexiest of surprises… and the most unbearable!

My plan was simple: Find a job quickly in order to make rent. And I found one. A waitressing job at the hottest pub in town!

Everything was going smoothly until he arrived: Matt. Sexy. Arrogant. Six feet three of muscles that drive the girls into a hysterical frenzy at every single one of his concerts.

This guy is really comfortable on stage and oh, so enticing. We girls can try to put him out of our minds but we end up wanting him anyway. And he knows it.

Except me, Charlotte. I say no!

Well… Maybe! After all, I have never really been good at resisting temptation…


[I received a digital copy for an honest review]

Falling For The Voice by french author Mag Maury is a contemporary romance between a couple who both keep their past locked up tight. It was previously published in French under the title Fast Gears. This is definitely a fast paced romance with more than a few laughs and lots of steam.

State: poor, must try harder
Heart: riding a rodeo bull
Legs: useless
Brain: in serious trouble if I ever find it”

I’m a little conflicted with my feelings for this book. From the beginning it was entertaining, with a slightly quirky female lead, Charlie, and a mysterious slightly arrogant hero, Matthews, and a cast of lovable side characters. The sexual tension between Charlie and Matthews is steamy, and they are more than compatible in the sheets. But out of the sheets Matthew’s character lost me. He was pushy and a bit of a jerk and his few sweet outings didn’t make up for it in my opinion. He completely lost my respect around a quarter of the way with his over reaction and Charlies easy acceptance of his apology didn’t sit right with me. From there the story kind of spiraled for me with an unbelievable climax and then abrupt ending.

Without warning, he kisses my neck. The kiss is long, hot, and sensual… so soft that a sigh escapes my throat before I can stop it.”

While there seemed to be a slight issue in formatting and punctuation that happened between translation from French to English I still enjoyed the story for the most part. Charlie and her co-workers really made this book for me and I’d be interested in books starring more than a few of those fellas.


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