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Synopsis: Ivy Watts has it all. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, a smart (albeit rookie) patent attorney, and has the best friend-slash-roommate that a girl could ever ask for. But what most strangers couldn’t know about Ivy is that she loves Italian wine, high heels, and works as a high-end escort three nights a week. Read escort, not prostitute. There’s a literal legal difference- at least in Ivy’s mind.

When Ivy is roped into a job on her only night off in months, she is not impressed. She’s pissed. Worse, her new client’s only stipulation is that his date is ‘educated’. Yeah, with three advanced degrees and a mountain of debt to prove each one of them, she definitely fits the bill.

Given his request for a smart, mute blonde, Ivy is not surprised to find that her new client is an investment banker with eyes that could freeze hell over, a body shaped by the devil himself, and an attitude to match. David Van den Berg is cold, rude, and clearly doesn’t give a damn if she has a brain as long as she acts the part. But when Ivy hits it off with David’s boss at the party that she is paid to attend, she begrudgingly agrees to play the role of fake date for a while longer. After all, the last thing that she is expecting is for David to actually have a soul, let alone a soft side. A soft side that leaves her completely out of her depth and itching to tease more of it out of him.

As broody dislike rapidly transforms into resigned attraction, Ivy and David are both thrown off-kilter by the undeniable fact that they’re impossibly compatible. Ivy is kind, fun, and nonjudgmental. David is cold, brash, maybe even a little emotionally stunted. They’re perfect for each other. But with Ivy’s background as an escort looming over their relationship, will their blossoming love even stand a chance? Of those who know about Ivy’s past, who of them will accept it as a 21st-century woman’s right to do as she pleases with her body? And who will use it to plot against her? Or worse, to plot against David?


[I received a digital copy for an honest review]

The Fire Drill is the debut novel of new romance author Tess Shepherd. This may be her first novel but it sure doesn’t feel like one with its well-developed storyline and characters.

Ivy is a patent lawyer by day and a high-end escort on the weekends who only sleeps with a client if she feels a connection and likes him. She works so hard in order to pay off her student debts and to pay for her father’s medical expenses. David is a busy businessman who doesn’t have time to date so uses the high-end escort service for work functions. Ivy is not what he expected and after having a rough day he doesn’t make the best first impression. But when their one night turns into another to help David’s career they are forced to really get to know each other to make their relationship look believable. The fake relationship swiftly turns into real feelings but will David be able to handle her escort occupation or will it destroy them from having a chance at a future together.

“the feeling of her nestled in his arms felt right somehow, like they’d been molded with the expectation that they’d find each other.”

Tess Shepherd has delivered a lovely story with wonderful characters. David is at first glance grumpy and arrogant but you quickly see that there’s much more to him. He’s still grumpy lol but he wasn’t raised in an overly loving home he isn’t prepared to handle his feelings for Ivy. Ivy is a strong character whose independent, unashamed and in touch with her feelings. She’s not defined by her jobs but by her fun, caring and warm personality. I adored them together especially when she was teasing him to get reactions.

“she couldn’t help but sigh when his hot skin met hers, couldn’t stop the purr from rising in the back of her throat when one big, rough palm stroked down her body.”

The story switched mainly between Ivy and David’s point of views which I loved because I always feel a story benefits / improves when we are given both. This went a step further and now and then we are given someone else’s point of view of Ivy and Davids relationship. Her best friend, his dad, his mother and his grandmother. At first, it reinforces their relationship as genuine and it was sweet that their love sort of created a ripple effect improving his parents relationship for the better. However, towards the end it seemed to branch off a bit too far and there were POVs from his parents and grandmother that were unnecessary to Ivy and David’s storyline.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Tess Shepherd’s debut novel The Fire Drill and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for all her future releases.

4 star rating

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