On the Wings of War by Hailey Turner_ Blog Tour & Book Review

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On the Wings of War by Hailey Turner

Series: Soulbound V

Publisher: Self-Published

Release Date: Print & ebook – September 2, 2020

Length: 109,151 words

Subgenre: LGBTQ Urban Fantasy

Warnings: None

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Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CST5MVV

Author Site: https://haileyturner.com/book/on-the-wings-of-war

Book blurb:

Remembering the dead will always give them life.

The coveted Morrígan’s staff is up for sale on the black market to the highest bidder, and SOA Special Agent Patrick Collins will do whatever it takes to ensure the Dominion Sect doesn’t get their hands on it. Returning the weapon to its rightful owner is another step on the long road toward clearing Patrick’s soul debt, but he won’t walk it alone. Jonothon de Vere won’t let him.

Obeying the gods means Patrick must travel to London. ForJono, it means facing a past he thought he’d left behind forever. His return to England isn’t welcome, and neither is their pack, but Jono and Patrick will face the antagonism together. Politics aside, their priority must be the mission, but the bone-chilling secret they uncover in the London god pack will have far-reaching repercussions no one can ignore.

A race against time takes Patrick and Jono from the streets of London to the bright lights of Paris, where hospitality is thin on the ground, the air is filled withwhispered prayers for the missing, and the Morrígan’s staff will end up in the one place it shouldnever have gone—a graveyard.

For beneath Paris lie the long-forgotten dead, and when they rise to walk again, the living can only hope to die.

On the Wings of War is a 109k word m/m urban fantasy with a gay romantic subplot and a HFN ending. It is a direct sequel to A Vigil in the Mourning. Reading the first book in the series would be helpful in enjoying this one.

On the Wings of War by Hailey Turner (Soulbound #5) | A Novel Take PRContact: judith@anoveltake.comMagic, murder, and mayhem collide once again in the epic fifth book in the bestselling Soulbound series!

About On the Wings of War by Hailey Turner: This is an exciting sequel that builds on the series plot and makes readers keep wanting more!

Praise for The Soulbound Series:

Hailey Turner never disappoints! The Soulbound series continues in On The Wings of War with Turner’s unique and compelling world-building, beloved characters including Wade the ever-snacking cutie pie, and the same kind of page-turning action we’ve come to expect from a Hailey Turner story. Whenever I read a Soulbound novel, I come out of it feeling smarter and a little bit breathless, like if I looked behind me there might be a tiny bit of magic and dragon smoke wafting in the air. I can’t recommend this new Hailey Turner novel enough. Grab it now! – Bestselling author, Lucy Lennox

With every new book in the Soulbound series, I ask myself how Hailey Turner could possibly top this, and in true Patrick style, challenge accepted. Each book in this series is even better than the last, and I’m absolutely in love with these characters. Ican’t get enough of Patrick, Jono, Wade, and On the Wings of War is an adrenaline-fueled adventure you don’t want to miss! – Bestselling author, Charlie Cochet

Hailey Turner is a wonderful writer, and nowhere is this better illustrated than in the Soulbound series. The world of Patrick and Jono is so perfectly realised and populated with rich characters drawn from mythology and folklore. I couldn’t put this book down. – Bestselling author, Lily Morton

I have been a fan of the Soulbound series since the very beginning, but somehow it gets better with every new installment, and this one is the best yet. The twists and turns are tighter, the action more explosive, the love between Jono and Patrick deeper, and the bonds with their found family even sweeter, making On the Wings of War one of the most satisfying reads I’ve had in a long time. This book was a roller coaster ride I never wanted to end. – M/M Author, May Archer

Excerpt #1:

“Want is a meaningless desire. That was one of the first things Ashanti ever told me,” Patrick said slowly.

Jono shook his head. “That’s a load of bollocks.”

“It doesn’t matter. Letting my mother’s side of the family know I’m alive would be a messy distraction I can’t afford right now. We have bigger problems.”

“Like what?”

On the Wings of War by Hailey Turner (Soulbound #5) | A Novel Take PRContact: judith@anoveltake.comMagic, murder, and mayhem collide once again in the epic fifth book in the bestselling Soulbound series!

Patrick straightened up enough that he could dig his cell phone out of his pocket. “Like we need to have a meeting with Lucien before we go home. The government needs his help.”

Jono made an aggravated sound. “Must we? I had plans. They involved you naked and under me.”

Patrick sighed wistfully even as he dialed the latest burner number to reach Carmen. “I’ll let you fuck me after we deal with Lucien.”

“This is why Sage always says you’re terrible at bargains. We should probably have her come with us and do the talking instead of you.”

“You think you’re funny, but you’re not.” Patrick pressed thephone to his ear, listening to it ring. “We can have a pack meeting after Lucien pisses me off.”

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[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

 On the Wings of War by Hailey Turner is the fifth book in the soulbound series. This story follows Patrick, Jono and the rest of their god pack across the Atlantic on the continued mission to locate and collect the Morrigan staff before Ethan and the Dominion Sect can get it. The staff is being auctioned in London which brings Jono home for the first time since his exile. With pack and government politics all in play Patrick and Jono struggle to complete their mission and get home safely. When things don’t go according to plan the pack must go to Paris where things go completely upside down. Patrick, Jono, their pack and friends will struggle to stop a nightmare before it’s too late.

She shot him an exasperated look. ‘This is why you get banned from cities’.
‘I don’t get banned. It’s just suggested that I never return.”

Patrick and Jono have been able to move beyond the relationship troubles they had in the fourth book and stand as a united front this whole book. They are just amazing because Jono knows just how to bring Patrick back from his darkness and Patrick is able to support Jono through the difficult trip home. They continue to just warm my heart with their sweet moments as well as the steamy ones that just keep getting better.

The sound of his heartbeat in Jono’s ears, the deepening scent of desire that filled his nose, the soulbond twisting tight between them all said home without either of them saying anything at all.”

This book had so many quality secondary characters. Nadine played a huge role and her dry humor when it comes to dealing with Patrick shenanigans was excellent. We also finally met soulbreaker Spencer Bailey who I absolutely loved. He was an excellent addition to their group especially with his completely inappropriate attraction to Lucien and his pyschopomp ocelot Fatima. Lucien, as always, plays an important role and I don’t know if I am supposed to like him but I absolutely love him so it’s fine.

This story picks up a few months after the incident in Chicago and shows Patrick being assigned to chase the Morrigan staff across the pond to an auction in London. Chaos continues to follow Patrick and Jono on their adventure and although not as prominent the gods still have their hands in the fate of Patrick, Jono and the pack. This story ends with a huge WHAT THE HECK moment that leaves me dying for the next book.

We’re in England, therefore, we drink tea.”
“I’m American. We toss it into the harbor”.
“Heathen,” Hermes coughed under his breath.

Another 5 star addition to Hailey Turner’s action pack soulbound series. This series just keeps getting better.



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