Swing and a Mishap by Tara Sivec _ Book Review

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Hawks fans still in shock after centerfielder, Shepherd Oliver, sustained season-ending injury last night in the 5th inning of the playoffs against Chicago.”

Two years ago, I was a pretty big deal. I thought I had it all, until a blast from my past popped up on my social media feed, keeping my ego in check and reminding me how basic I am. Except sassy Wren Bennett isn’t just a blast from my past. She’s the only woman I ever saw a future with.

Even though my soul leaves my body every time she says she hates baseball and has never watched me play, a year’s-worth of messages filled with laughter and sarcasm only remind me how amazing my “pen pal” is. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how fine I look in a pair of baseball pants; I’m still 3,000 miles away, and she’s taken… or so I thought. Maybe I should have thought a little harder before I dropped her like a seeing-eye single into the outfield.

When an injury has me questioning everything about my life, I can only think of one place I need to go and one person I need to see. Home, to Summersweet Island, to get back my “pen pal.”

Now I just need to make sure single mom Wren knows I didn’t come back for a change, and I didn’t come back for a job. I’m swinging for the fences, and I’m finally coming home to make her mine. If only she’d stop insulting me and stay in one place long enough for me to tell her. She wouldn’t try to drown me with a tub of ice cream, right?

I’m sure it’ll be fine.

[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Swing and a Mishap is the second stand alone in Tara Sivec‘s Summersweet Island. It’s tells the love story of single mother Wren Bennet and ex Baseball pro Shepherd Oliver. Wren and Shepherd both grew up on the island and after Shepherd leaves to become a professional baseball player they lose touch until a decade later when they reconnect over social media messaging. They build up a wonderfully sarcastic, honest and sweet friendship until they disconnect over a not so little misunderstanding. When Shepherd retires and settles back on the island he does whatever it takes to earn back Wrens trust and sweep her off her feet.

Sweetheart , you exceed my expectations just by being in the same room with me. You were worth the wait. You will always be worth it.

I’m going to start by gushing about Shepherd Oliver. He’s gorgeous and sarcastic and awkward and sweet. He’s not the best at saying what he means but when he writes it out he bares his heart. He was just so kind-hearted whether it was the patience with which he couched the baseball team or crafting with Owen to help out Wren. Shepherd Oliver is just a complete package.

I want Shepherd to erase all the messy and replace it with nothing but the perfection of him.”

Wren was an amazing mother, reliable friend, and supportive sister. She lets people abuse her generosity and her ex trample on her self-esteem but she doesn’t let those things stop her from being the best mom. I really loved her and her son Owens relationship, it was heartwarming. Her true passion is for raising Owen which I just loved those moments of them together being the unit they always have been.

Do you know how many years I’ve dreamed about you and chocolate sauce living together in perfect, naked harmony? Don’t ruin this for me now. LET ME HAVE MY CHOCOLATE FANTASY, WREN.

Together Wren and Shepherd are sweet and playful. They have a slow burn relationship mostly on Shepherd’s part because he wants to respect Wren and take things slow. Eventually, Wren becoming bossy and takes charge when it came to sex and it was perfection because it was funny and steamy which is just Tara Sivec‘s specialty. (There’s a scene in a fun house that made it so ill never look at vanilla ice cream the same again 🔥)

Tara Sivec manages to take two excellent characters who are both funny and flawed and leads you down a path of laughter and swooning. Of course, it was bound to not be smooth sailing as single parenthood is not easy and dealing with the past coming to light can be problematic to say the least. The cast of characters continues to grow as you get to know Wren’s ride or die Emily who will be getting her own book!

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