The Opposite of Falling by Jillian Liota _ Blog Tour & Review

Today we have the blog tour of Jillian Liota’s THE OPPOSITE OF FALLING! Check out this gorgeous new romance and be sure to get your copy today!

Title: The Opposite of Falling

Author: Jillian Liota

Genre: Contemporary Romance


About The Opposite of Falling:

BRIAR MITCHELL is home in Cedar Point – single, broke and unemployed. Back in the town she tried so hard not to get stuck in. A job at the local grocery will have to do until she figures out what’s next, even if it means working for her teenage crush. Not that he noticed her back then.   ANDY MARSHALL has always loved the small town life. Things might be rough at the moment – the family business is struggling and his dad’s health has taken a turn – but he’s trudging forward. What he doesn’t see coming is the attraction he feels towards his newest employee.   Choosing to explore their instant chemistry, Briar and Andy embark on a no-strings ride they hope will provide a few things they each desperately need. Sweet friendship, sexy fun, and a chance to escape from a life that isn’t going according to plan.   But in the face of a town disaster, they start to realize that maybe there’s something more between them. Something with a depth they weren’t expecting. Something that feels a lot like falling in love.  

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About Jillian Liota:

Jillian Liota is a new author writing contemporary romance and new adult fiction. She lives in Kailua, Hawaii with her amazing husband, 2 cats, and 3-legged pup.  She is the author of the new adult romance novel The Keeper, which focuses on a female college soccer goalie, as well as the follow up novella, Keep Away. Her newest release, Like You Mean It, is in the contemporary romance genre and has a more mature voice, as it follows a pregnant mother finding love in a new town. The next novel in the Like You Series, Like You Want It, will be published in Spring 2019 She has a master’s in Higher Education and Student Affairs, and she is passionate about all things improvement, development and organization. She’s also a big fan of taking walks with her husband and dog Maia, reading romance (obviously), watching a handful of horrible reality TV shows, and exploring the island she calls home. Check out her Contact page for more information on how to connect.  

Connect with Jillian:

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[ I received a digital arc for an honest review]

The Opposite of Falling is the second book in Jillian Liota‘s Cedar Point series. This can be completely rad and enjoyed as a stand alone but once you read it you’ll totally find yourself wanting to read more of the Mitchell family and the small town of Cedar Point.

Briar Mitchell couldn’t wait to get out of the small town of Cedar Point but now she’s found herself back where she began and in need of a job. The only place with full time position is the local grocery store, and she’s going to have to ignore that her new boss just so happens to be her older brothers friend that she may have had a tiny crush on when she was younger. Andy has a lot on his shoulders, so he isn’t quite prepared for Briar walking into his life. They quickly start up a friendship, and he is determined to show her the highlights of their small town. When she offers a friends with benefits arrangement he agrees, but he has to remind himself to keep his heart out of it. Andy loves his small town and knows Briar doesn’t plan to stick around.

To getting lost on the way to finding happiness.

The Opposite of Falling was a sweet and fun romance. Yes they deal with some heavy topics at times such as Andy’s fathers mental health and Briar learning to open up to her family but overall it was filled with a lot of light and flirty moments. Andy and Briar just fit really well together, the were friends first and the sexual compatibility was a great bonus. They were both passionate people. Briar about her aspirations and Andy about the town of Cedar Point. They supported one another, cared about each other’s families, and showed their love with their actions before ever saying the words.

There’s something about her that I’m drawn to, a feeling I can’t manage to push away, no matter how much I wish I could.

The Opposite of Falling was a seamless story that flowed from begging to end. I love the small town that Jillian Liota has created. The Mitchell family, especially their parents, are #familygoals.

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