A Sheriffs Star by Makenna Lee _ Book Review

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It was only supposed to be a temporary home…

He interrupts her plans…

When police chief Anson Curry returns a lost little girl to her frantic mother, his only goal is to ease the single mom’s anxiety. But it doesn’t take long for Tess Harper’s amazing child to have Anson wrapped around her little finger—and for Tess to have him thinking about a possible relationship. As for Tess, she’s tempted—even though she had planned to be in Oak Hollow, Texas, only temporarily. But after losing her father and brother in the line of duty, Tess thinks Anson’s job poses too much of a risk to her heart. And Anson has no plans to get involved with someone who’s planning on leaving.

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

[ I received a digital copy from Netgalley for an honest review]

A Sheriff’s Star
 by Makenna Lee was so precious and I loved it so much. This needs to be made into a Hallmark Movie immediately, in which case I would drop everything to watch it.

Tess Harper, new to Oak Harper, starts her stay by losing an eye on her 4-year-old daughter Hannah while at the store. Thankfully she’s quickly discovered by handsome police chief Anson, who just happens to be her new landlord and neighbor. Tess has been raising Hannah alone since her no good ex-husband walked away before she was even born. Anson has trust issues of his own after being lied to and deceived by his ex-wife. Both are very hesitant to do anything with their attraction to either after both being burned in the past and with Tess’ stay only temporary. However, Hannah immediately bonds with Anson and when he becomes a regular part of their day to day it’s hard to keep their hearts from getting involved.

He scooped Hannah up and cuddled her against one shoulder.
Hannah opened her eyes and smiled . “My chief.”
“Go back to sleep , little one. I’ve got you.”

A Sheriff’s Star is filled with so many ridiculously heartwarming moments between little Hannah and Anson, along with sweet/tender moments between Tess & Anson. As a mother to a child with special needs, I could relate deeply with more than one of Tess’ struggles. Her ability to handle it all on her own was inspiring and her momma bear qualities made me proud. Anson was just the perfect leading man, dependable, supportive, charming and caring. He fits so well into Tess and Hannah’s life that I was rooting for Tess to let down her walls and accept all he was offering.

“He was a temptation she couldn’t afford to indulge, but boy, was he one hard-to-visit man.”

This is a romance so while family is the main focus’ the relationship between Tess and Anson fit cohesively with the story. It was a little angsty in the beginning while they fought their attraction but when they give in it’s a sweet and steady as the rest of the story. Their first time focus’ on their feelings and emotions of the act rather than a detailed play by play and the rest of the time its off page encounters. I feel like anything more wouldn’t have felt right with the story.

“They moved as one. Mingled gasps and shared moans. Hearts opening.”

The story itself was Hallmark movie worthy. Heartwarming, sweet, and one or two slightly cheesy declarations of feelings but my only real complaint about the book was the fact that the ending seemed to be a little rushed. I was at almost the end of the book, and I was wanting much more to happen and while the very ending was exactly what I would want for the characters I felt the getting there was on fast-forward a little.

I can’t get over how happy this book made me. I don’t think I’ll be forgetting darling Hannah or the people who love her anytime soon. A Sheriff’s Star is a holiday romance that I’ll reread every holiday season.

Gold star

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