Buck Cowboys by Elle Thorpe _ Book Review

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Hallie knows how to lose your best friend in one easy step.

Offer him your virginity, then watch him reject you.

But that was four years ago, and now she knows better. Working at Hunt’s Bull Riding School, there’s no shortage of hot young cowboys to keep her entertained. There’s no need to think about Nate Mathews, especially since he’s off on the pro bull riding tour.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Until Nate walks back into her life, four years older, four years hotter, and with four years of regrets behind the blue eyes she once fell in love with.

But on his first night back in their sleepy hometown, Nate’s plans to apologize are lost in the wail of sirens. In the devastating aftermath, Nate leans on the woman who once knew him better than anyone.

But this time, it’s more than friendship he wants from her. No amount of teenage history, bad-tempered bulls, or babies who hate his guts will stop him from getting his second chance.

I’ve been patiently waiting for Elle Thorpe to release a new cowboy romance and OMG she did not disappoint with Buck Cowboys!! This second chance romance is packed with emotions and I devoured it in one sitting.

“Losing her had made me see what I’d taken for granted. I wouldn’t do it again.”

Where do I start… this was a wonderful second chance romance. I’m usually not a huge second chance fan but this was done perfectly and didn’t have a ton of flashbacks (cough cough I hate those lol) . She told their love story without having to constantly revisit the past. Yes Nate and Hallie were best friends growing up and had something embarrassing tear them apart but Buck Cowboys is about them as the people they are now still feeling an undeniable connection between them. Nate was handsome, rugged, confident and a gentleman, he was just swoon worthy and I loved everything about him . Same with Hallie, she was strong, caring and passionate. Together they just worked and the intimacy and steam between them was off the charts 🔥🔥🔥

“There was no one else. There never would be. It was me and him. And if I couldn’t have him, then that was all there was for me.”

I didn’t realize this was a spin off of her Dirty Cowboy series and that was a fantastic surprise. She’s best friend with my favorite cowboys daughter so it was wonderful to see his name on the page. Besides him there is a great supporting cast of characters that I look forward to seeing more of in future books.

The prologue leaves us with a whooper of a cliffhanger for the next books couple . Why must you okay with my emotions Elle WHY! Anyways if you couldn’t tell from my review I loved Buck Cowboys and need the next book immediately. If you love second chance or just hot sexy cowboy romances then #oneclick this one!

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