Against Fate by Damian Bloom _ Book Review

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Hopeless romantic Luis wants to write a love story, but he’s never even kissed a man. Luckily, his hunky mentor can teach him much more than just how to write a book. Too bad it all comes with a price.

By the age of twenty-three, I’ve read enough romance novels to fill up a library. My own love life is yet to start, but I’m in no rush. True love comes to those who wait, and I won’t settle for less than Happy Ever After. So what’s the point in kissing any frogs?
But when my clairvoyant grandmother sees heartbreak looming in my future, I learn that life is rarely that simple. And when bestselling author Adam Allister offers to help me write my first novel, I’d be a fool to say no, even if every cell in my body warns me to stay away.
After all, as long as I don’t fall for him, I’m safe. And, with a man as cynical and unromantic as Adam, that shouldn’t be a difficult task.
Is he hotter than all the cover models of my favorite novels combined? Yeah.
Do I sometimes forget to breathe if he looks at me a certain way? I guess…
Is one smile from him enough to fill my mind up with pulse-quickening daydreams of unknown pleasures? Um, I’d rather not answer that.
None of this matters, anyway. Now that I know what fate’s got in store for me, I won’t be foolish enough to put myself in harm’s way. Not when my heart is on the line.

Against Fate is the slow-burn, heart-warming story of two men who learn to put their conflicting ideas of love aside in order to discover the real thing together. Peppered with extra-steamy scenes, the book is guaranteed to make you blush and swoon all the way to the Happy Ever After. This is the first book in the Prince Castle series, but it can be read as a stand-alone. 

Ya’ll no I don’t usually write up for reviews for books that I didn’t receive as an arc but there is just something about this debut novel by author Damian Bloom that I just felt compelled to write one for. It could be because the book starts with a quote from one of my favorite Sarah Dessen books. It could be because it in no way felt like a debut novel. Or it could be because I read it right after my bestie and was able to discuss all my feelings and reactions to her as I read and that made my experience with it a memorable one. Either way here goes lol

“What if I’m waiting in vain? Could the days of true love be long gone?”

Luis is holding out for his one true love. He grew up on fairy tales and plans to settle for nothing less. When his grandmother has a vision of him getting his heart destroyed before finding his true love he doesn’t know what to do with it. In the meantime he also has dreams of finally writing a romance novel of his own. To help him with that his brothers connects him with best-selling author Adam. Adam writes thriller not romance but can offer him valuable information nonetheless. Even though he is attracted to Adam Luis doesn’t worry about falling for him since Adam doesn’t believe in love or commitment. But when they start spending hours together daily, and they create a friendship that turns to more, will it be worth it for Luis to put his heart on the line or will his grandmothers prediction come true.

“I want to stop pretending I don’t crave Adam so hard my bones ache.”

I loved Luis from chapter one and everything about his personality gave me warm and fuzzies. He’s a 23-year-old virgin who lives and breathes romance novels. He’s sweet, kind and if anyone deserves a prince charming and happily ever after it’s him. My heart hurt for him and stressed for him as he fell head over heels in love with Adam. Adam Adam Adam… visually yum and at first I found his anti love spiel humorous but eventual it made me want to slap him. He clearly falls for Luis and it felt like he was stringing him along. Together though, together they had some heartwarming moments while writing together and snuggling on the couch reading. The slow build of their relationship and anticipation of that first kiss between them was everything and the wait was more than worth it. The intimacy between them is a bit more intense than I expected it to be for them. It’s very hot and Adam dominate Luis’ in the bedroom but always follows it up with tenderness. It works for them and it was well written.

“If I can’t be what he needs, maybe I can be what he wants in the darkest, most secret parts of his being.”

I really enjoyed the story as a whole, one of the things I loved was the fact that the novel Luis is writing tended to mirror the actual story you’re reading. Only a few things held me back from giving it a higher rating. It was a bit long for me and I felt it lagged at times. Also, personal preference that the grand gesture at the end was in no way big enough and there should have been way more groveling.

“It’s like he’s invaded every single part of me. If someone sliced me open, Luis is all they’s find.

In the end I think Against Fate is a great slow burn for any romance reader who loves a reader finding their true love. I’m so very much attached to Luis’ friends and can’t wait for the future books in this series.

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