The Package by Sebastian Fitzek _ Book Review

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Emma’s the one that got away.

The only survivor of a killer known in the tabloids as ‘the hairdresser’ – because of the trophies he takes from his victims.

Or she thinks she was.

The police aren’t convinced. Nor is her husband. She never even saw her tormentor properly, but now she recognizes him in every man.

Questioning her sanity, she gives up her job as a doctor in the local hospital and retreats from the world. It is better to stay at home. Quiet. Anonymous. Safe. No one can hurt her here.

And all she did was take a parcel for a neighbor.

She has no idea what she’s let into her home.




‘Sebastian Fitzek is without question one of the crime world’s most evocative storytellers. He always serves up an intense, impossible to put down thriller and The Package is no exception. A gripping read with a surprising twist, this one is not to be missed’

‘Sebastian Fitzek is simply amazing. I truly hope that one day I will be able to create suspense and plot twists in the way only Sebastian can. A true Master of his craft’

Sebastian Fitzek is Germany’s most successful author. His books have sold 13 million copies, been translated into more than thirty-six languages and are the basis for international cinema and theatre adaptations. Sebastian Fitzek was the first German author to be awarded the European Prize for Criminal Literature. He lives with his family in Berlin.

[I received a physical copy for an honest review]

The Package
 is a psychological thriller by author Sebastian Fitz. I have never read anything by this author before, but the synopsis captivated me.

The story of psychologist Emma. After a conference she is violated by a man that she believes to be the serial killer that her husband who is in the police force is currently hunting down. However, her attack doesn’t completely match the mo of the other victims. She also has a slight problem of having an overactive imagination since she was a child. When even her husband doubts her she begins to mentally unravel, becoming extremely paranoid and overthinking every little thing. Things really spiral out of control when she accepts a package for an unknown neighbor, and she can’t distinguish between hallucination and reality.

Oh my goodness, where to start. This book constantly had me questioning. The reader goes from fully supporting our main character to question to doubting to not being able to identify what she’s really seeing and what she’s must be imagining. There were plot twists throughout that I honestly never saw coming, and it made me unable to put the book down because I just needed to know what would happen next and how it was all going to unfold.

I think what’s keeping me from giving it five stars is our main character herself she makes questionable decisions and is a bit self-centered at times. I understand the whole time she’s being toyed with and losing her grip on reality but by the end she doesn’t seem to make any personal growth which I think I would have really liked to see. She really crumbles under everything and doesn’t show much strength.

All in all, I highly enjoyed The Package by Sebastian Fitz and would be more than willing to read more books by him.

—-Review by Amanda—-

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