Spoils of the Dead by Dana Stabenow _ Book Review

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It’s Labor Day in Blewestown, Alaska, and it seems most of the town’s thirty-five hundred residents have turned out to celebrate – or to cause trouble. Not Liam Campbell, though. He’s checking out the local watering hole in his new town. He’s finally made it out of Newenham and is ready for a quiet life with his wife.

He’s been in town for about a week when an archaeologist invites him out to his dig site outside of town. He’s on the verge of a momentous discovery, one he says will be worth the State Trooper’s time.

Two days later, the archaeologist is dead, murdered on his own dig site. And Liam Campbell is about to learn that he’s traded one troubled bush town for another

[ I received a physical copy for an honest review ]

Spoils of the Dead by Dana Stabenow is the 5th book in her Liam Campbell mystery series. Why Amanda did you request book 5 when you haven’t read the first four? When the PR company offered me it to review all it had was the name, author and synopsis and the synopsis doesn’t say it’s a series. When I went on goodreads and saw it was book 5 I said why not because a few of the early review said I would be fine going into without reading the others. While I guess this is technically true I might have cared more about the main leads if I had.

Now onto my reading experience. I almost DNF’d it on page 12 with the not so tasteful description of a female given by the male lead Liam Campbell. A direct quote from him about her was “those amazing breasts thrust out in front of her like bazookas taking aim.” yeah real classy and off the bat made me not care for him. Alas, I continued on because the synopsis had sounded good, so I figured the mystery would make up for it. Fortunately it did, but it didn’t actually begin until 100 pages in, up until then we are given lengthy descriptions of everything. I mean EVERYTHING , just one example Liam Campbell drives from point A to point B and the drive itself takes up 5 long paragraphs. I am all for descriptions but there’s such a thing as too much in my opinion.

You’re probably wondering how I gave this 3 stars. Firstly because I think that if you’re a fan of this series then this installment would have pleased you. The mystery was actually interesting, and I enjoyed the path to discovering who was responsible. While the end was anticlimactic, it obviously was supposed to be. The main characters comment about not getting shot this time which leads me to believe the past books had outcomes with a lot more action. I also quite liked the female lead Wyn, she’s Liam Campbell’s wife, and while I didn’t like him , I liked the chemistry and repertoire they had between them. I also liked that she was an active member of the story, helping him at times with the investigation.

Will I continue this series? No, but I do think if you’re a fan of the Liam Campbell mysteries series than you’ll find this to be a nice edition.

—–Review Written by Amanda—-

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