Waking Up Married by Reese Ryan _ Book Review


Will these friends’ temporary Vegas marriage lead to forever? Find out in this Bourbon Brothers novel from Reese Ryan!

What’s wrong with a little fake marriage between friends?

Their night on the town is a blank, but when Zora Abbott and Dallas Hamilton awaken in a Vegas hotel room, they’re man and wife. With news of the nuptials spreading virally, the high-profile best friends decide to stay married, temporarily. Maybe under the cover of marriage, Dallas can even make his best friend’s baby dream come true. But can their friendship survive their newly unleashed passions?

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.

The Bourbon Brothers

Book 1: Savannah’s Secrets

Book 2: The Billionaire’s Legacy

Book 3: Engaging the Enemy

Book 4: A Reunion of Rivals

Book 5: Waking Up Married 

A few months ago I was expressing my excited for Waking Up Married to the author herself, and she was wonderful to offer me an early copy so I wouldn’t have to wait!

I adore The Bourbon Brothers series by Reese Ryan, which I discovered last summer. Waking Up Married is a perfect addition to the series and I loved it just as much as I did the last.

Zora and Dallas have been best friends since childhood. They may have had less than friendly thoughts every now and then about the other but would never ever risk the amazing friendship they have. They decide to spend weekend together in Vegas to celebrate an award for Dallas and Zora’s birthday. One too many cocktails and some not so innocent brownies result in them waking up hitched. Dallas isn’t in a rush to fix their union and their family already know, so they decide to keep the marriage on a trial bases. Zora wants to a baby and now that Dallas has experienced what it’s like to be more than friends he needs to convince her to make this permanent.

“he wanted to take his time with her. Show her just how good things between them could be. If only she gave them a chance.”

Zora is such a fantastic strong female lead. She is a successful professional, with so much love to give that she was ready to take on being a single parent. She has a great relationship with her family, and it isn’t a huge surprise because they may but heads once and a while but there’s no doubt how much the Abbott family love one another. Her friendship with Dallas was complete friendship goals and the two falling in love was inevitable. Dallas was such a sweetheart who always respected and supported Zora in everything. I loved that he used his actions to show how much he cared and that his love was sincere. Together they had explosive chemistry and there are some deliciously steamy encounters in the book.

“the fire and passion between them built. Her kiss became hungrier, and his was down-right greedy. Because he honestly didn’t think he could ever get enough of her.”

I know I already said this, but I loved this book! Best friends to lovers, fake relationship, and smoldering passion. Once I start I didn’t stop till I was finished, and now I want the next book. Yes I know I’m impatient, but I can’t wait for Cole Abbott to find someone to treasure his heart.

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